Parra and Manly - let the fun begin!

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Looks like Sterlo has fired the first shots. Next year when Manly play the Slimes it is going to be sensational. I just hope that Jamie Lyon can do to them what he did to us the last game he played against the Eagles at Slime Stadium. Brett Stewart made his first grade debut and was a speedbump for Jamie, as he changed the game. Hope he can do the same to them.

by the Sydney Morning Herald
Jamie Lyon has shrugged off Peter Sterling's criticism of his selection in the Kangaroos squad for the upcoming Tri-Nations series.

Sterling launched a withering attack on Lyon's selection in the squad, saying the former Parramatta player had done the wrong thing by the club when he walked out on a rich contract to return to the bush.

\"What's he said? Bagged me?\" Lyon said in The Guardian.

\"I think it's probably just back to his Parramatta days.

\"It doesn't really worry me what he thinks.

\"I couldn't really care less, to tell you the truth.\"

Lyon will miss the first match of the Tri-Nations series against New Zealand as he lines up for St Helens in the English Super League final.

It will be Lyon's last match in an impressive spell with the English club, before returning to take up a four-year contract with Manly.

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Broke his shoulder I think - yes the game at parra stadium will be very interesting next season

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didn't Lyon injure brett as well?
Yep - Lyon ran 90 m and broke Brett's shoulder as part of the carnage. Brett had a reconstruction and then spent the first 7 weeks of 2004 in PL whilst Andrew Walker did the custodian job.


This is from the Daily telegraph.
Ashenden, whose daughter Tracey is Jamie's mother, revealed the reasons why Lyon, the new Manly and Test player, quit Parramatta.

"Just before his last game Jamie's (partner) Ellie was in terrible pain – she had a miscarriage the next day," Rae said. "Jamie stayed at my place the night he left Parramatta.

"I asked him that he carefully consider his future.

Lends alot of weight to what i was told ealier in the year by a Wee Waa resident. The extra piece of info i was given was that Lyon wanted to be with his partner at the time but Brian Smith wouldnt let him miss a game.
She had a mis carriage the next day.mmmmmmmmm

Id bloody leave too.

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That is the full story - Smith wouldn't give Lyon some allowances for some down time for family circumstances.
Bottom of that article above says the grandmother is now going to support the Sea Eagles. :yeah:


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Agreed guys....."just walked out"...I didn't think it was that simple.

And who'd want the fact that a poor young lady had a miscarriage expressed in the media !!!!

Good on him I say.

His granny made one error in her piece. She said he made a mistake by leaving Parramatta, and moving to the coastline...BWuuahahahahahahahaha.....


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Got to admit I think there is more to it.... I remember Brett Hodgson situation when his mother was dying with cancer, Brett had an arrangement to train when he could, and when he trained that week he could play fullback next game.... I know brett thought Parra were fantastic about his situation.... so my question is if they did it for him why didn't they give Lyon time off?


the story i was given was that it was game day , and the misses goes into hospital and he asked to miss the game. So , a different situation to Hodgo's , that is if all my info is correct.


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f*ck sterlo

he is a stupid queenslander at heart - only played for nsw because he rorted the system worse than lyon. he is just jealous


i cant wait to see Lyon tear em apart next year and then sit back and watch Sterlo stumble on his words.

What are Lyon's chances of getting into the Aussie side this week. Anyone see his goal kicking in the final on the weekend. Never looked like missing.


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Apparently Lyon wont be considered for this week's match against NZ, but will likely move into the starting lineup for the following match


Thanks mate,
But how can they say that. What if we smash the Kiwis this week , l;ike we should have the other night, you wouldnt change the line up would you.

Or do you use lyon's knowledge of the POMS when we play them. He should know the ins and outs a most the Great Britain side.

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