Overplaying a strength ?

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Back in 04 i think it was, 1 of our best plays was Randall sniping the shortside from Dummy half, we used it numerous time in a sets, until after a few weeks other teams clicked and it become so predictable it was useless

Now just a question to pose, as this is where i feel this play is going, are we overplaying the Stewart drift towards the sideline

When we have a set inside the 20, we use Brett 2/3 times every set drifting across field at half pace, it looked dangerous for a while, then the Warriors cottened onto it and the centres just drifted until he was so isolated he had to pass to the winger who got hammered straight away.
It became so predictable it was ineffective.
We could continue to use him, and a lot more effectively, if we had him catching a ball at full pace running a straight line, or running a decoy, and the defence would be on the back foot coz they wouldnt know what was coming

Also while we are on Stewart, would love our coaching staff to show him some vids of other fullbacks kick returns, and show him just how dangerous he could be attacking the line, rathering than just basically surrendering as he is now
he made a break off a kick off. But teams know when they play Manly.. they have to come as a line... as Stewart can easily punish them.. so they come slowly but in a straight line and theres not much he can do. He doesnt have Minchello strength.. or a step.. just speed..

He is hard to stop when at full pace.. so that play will be hard to shut down.. even if thety know its coming.. he runs around the centre.

Im sure Des will have a few other plays for Stewart.
Stewart is as potent as they get. He has speed and alot of skill. That first disallowed try (the double movement) was well defended by the warriors.. they drifted as a unit nicely.

I think it's more a case of the plan being for Stewart to attack that edge (hence his try was in the same place on the field as the double movement, just running the other way) The plan was to attack the edges and our most attacking player is Brett Stewart and if you don't move together like they did earlier in the day he will cut you in half.

I'm happy for them to continue doing it. The more Stewart is involved the better i think.
Winging it
Good points Nutz. He is a star and the day we signed him for the long contract was a correct payoff for him and a successful coup by the club. My only concern is that he has a tall gazelle like build rather than a shorter stocky one like Mini or Withers. If he is used as a decoy or becomes a consistent go-to-man and gets hammered we may end up losing him for long periods through injury. I think it is important that his opportunities for attack are where he is in a position to run freely, either the way he played on Sunday or running up the middle off someone like Choc or Beaver late in a half. Bell, Lyon and Hicks are much stronger and would be better when mixing it with some of the larger teams. I am not saying he isn’t tough as he has that in spades.
That double movement early on , if you have a look at it , the defence was concentrating on Stewy the whole time. If Monas had slipped the short one to Lyon who was screaming through back on the angle , he would have strolled in under the posts. Maybe something Ox would have picked up.
There is no doubt we would have scored more points if the OX was playing.. i can;t wait to see our defence as it is now with Ox and Beaver in the team... i can see some us scoring alot to not many in a few games
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