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I have though about this for a long time, and thought of someone who would make a great winger. I know all of you will bring out the scalpels on this one, but here goes anyway.

For starters, I want you all to know Luke Rooney was classed as a forward in the much lower grades. He was a very, very tall lad, with a fair amount of pace (not damaging pace), was good out of Dummy 1/2, and took a good high ball. His tries on the wing aren't generally due to pace, but POWER.

Very much like one of OUR Premier League players. Adam Cuthbertson.

He's tall, rangey, has "fair" pace, is good in attack taking bombs.

What do you guys think?
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Careful Wheel, that's my contacts Nephew. No more beers smuggled for you!! I can vouch for Adam, he is certainly no dog. And Ryan, have you ever stood next to Adam?? He is a solid boy.
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Very similar in build to Rooney. A bit more solid, but training the way it is could effect that!!


Kim Jong Dan
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Wheel... Why dont you like Cuthbo?

I think it could be worth a try, I was expecting you to name Macdougall for a second, if so I was ready to jump in the car, gather a lynch mob and get to your house stat!
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No I don't like Rooney - I love Cuthbo.

Sorry for the confusion
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You know what the worst thing is, Adam got a call up for first grade just over a month ago but had tonsilitis. He probably we have been there instead of Deadwood or Bryant
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I spoke to Pete last night and he wasnt too happy. The only thing keeping us in the race is Bell. Orford was meant to sign with him like I said but decided to wait it out.
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Cheers Clon, I reckon he will stay in Melbourne. I just wish he would make up his mind one way or the other. I am over the waiting.
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We definitely arent out of the race though, keep heart. I will attempt to get an update before lunch. Either way he will announce his decision by COB tomorrow
Journey Man
Cuthbo is best kept where he is - at his age he is still growing and will become bigger in the shoulders over the next couple of years.

He is just lacking a little bit of experience - knowing when to puch the pass etc.

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