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Our worst ever home record

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by NewwyEagle, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. NewwyEagle

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    Manly Sea Eagles 2016 record at Brookvale Oval now worst start in club’s 70-year history

    When it rains it pours over on the beaches.

    A week after Manly’s Narrabeen training base was fully submerged under water in the Sydney storms, their once formidable record at Brookvale Oval has been washed away.

    The Sea Eagles second half capitulation to Penrith on Sunday leaves them with a 1-5 record at the famed fortress in 2016.

    With just one win from six outings, it’s their worst start to a season at Brookie in the club’s history according to the Fox Sports Lab, and a stunning fall for one of the game’s most imposing home ground advantages.

    Manly are currently batting at 16.7 per cent on their traditional home track in 2016, with another loss coming in the round 10 game against Brisbane that was taken to Suncorp Stadium, a move skipper Jamie Lyon questioned afterwards.

    They have four more games at Brookvale this year against the Dragons, Knights, Storm and Raiders.

    You’d back them to jag two of those games, which would squeak them past their worst ever season at Brookvale — a two from nine (for a win percentage of 22.2 per cent) effort in their inaugural 1947 campaign.

    Famously described as a “sh*thole” by Broncos forward Todd Lowrie in 2014, the Sea Eagles supremacy at Brookvale has officially gone down the toilet.


    So there you have it, we're on track for our worst ever record at Brookvale. All I can say it we're lucky the Penn's moved the games against the broncos and warriors away from Brookie or that record would definitely be broken. I'm still not sure if we'll get two wins out of our last 4 home games.
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    • Ron E. Gibbs

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      Said it earlier this year, but Fortress Brookvale is now officially part of our mythical past. Teams used to be intimidated by the trip - not so much because of the ground but because of the teams they faced there. Sadly, those teams are also now part of our past.
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