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Our minor grades

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by sheridanstand78, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. sheridanstand78

    sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

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    As you are all aware our first team is struggling with lack of form and injuries. What has really disturbed me is that we have no real depth or pressure being putting on the first team by our reserve grade team and our Holden cup team are cannon fodder.

    Yesterday I witnessed our Holden cup team play the champion Penrith side. The side scored the first try and then over the next 75 minutes conceded 60 points in an woeful display.

    Last year David Heath after 18 months of coaching had turned a team who were getting belted each week into a competitive unit that made the 2015 grand final.

    It is scandalous that David was moved on and even worse we had the chance to secure the nucleus of that team and grow them into potential first graders yet the club allowed 5 of that team to move to rival clubs. I do not understand that decision. We had a chance to build a team to replace the veterans who we inevitably were going to lose.

    The spine of the 2015 Holden cup team was dynamic and we have only retained Tom and the hooker from that team.

    Who ever made the decision to let David Heath go has to be accountable. We learned at the football club meeting in December that inspite of the team making the grand final, not one official from the Sea Eagles board attended their function after the game. That is dreadful!!!! The efforts of the team this year are totally inadequate and pathetic!! Where are the future stars going to come from?

    I believe in junior development and we have gotten rid of guys like David Heath and importantly David Warwick who oversaw junior development.

    The club has persisted with Willo as coach of the reggies and its a continued failure.

    In total we have won 4 out of 26 fixtures in the lower grades combined and overall 8 out of 39 games for all grades, that is unacceptable and if we are told as fans and members that we are in a results business, if these figures do not improve there has to be changes at the end of this season.

    Someone should get on the blower and get David Heath back and lets get minor grades who are competitive and a plan to develop players for the first team.

    This needs addressing ASAP!!!
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    • Bird of Prey

      Bird of Prey Active Member

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      Watched Holden Cup yesterday and they were dreadful Penrith played with them and made them look like lost kids , nothing in that team will be playing first grade.
    • The Who

      The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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      Has anyone heard an explanation why David Heath was punted?
      You are absolutely correct. Whoever was responsible should be sacked and we try to get him back, and recapture the famed culture that the club once had.
      How many of us will bother getting to the ground early to watch the Under 20's now?

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