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Our Forwards


UFO Hunter
Jul 15, 2004
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Kite: Hold your breath. At least, thats what I do whenever he goes near the ball. The question still remains as to wether he can catch the pill... or give an offload for that matter. Its also only a matter of time before the refs start to clue on to his knee lifting when he takes the ball up. At the moment, he's not proving to be worth what we paid for his signature.

Leului: He's a solid player... at times...., but how can he ever expect to recieve a pass when he's constantly over running the ball player. Not known for his fitness, at least we occasionaly see him have a go.

Harris: Rumor has it Sam keeps a secret stash of louis vuitton handbags in the trunk of his car. But in all seriousness, he would get better wraps if he decided to stay in bed on match day. He offers nothing in attack, nothing in defense and nothing for our club. His 2 hitups for just 10 metres yesterday show exactly how much passion this bloke has for his career.

King: Not sure what I can say that hasn't already been mentioned in the last 18 hours. He has nothing. In fact, sometimes im of the opinion that king thinks he's out there to watch. And isn't it obviouse that he's is just bidding his time until his uni degree is over. 0 hitups 0 metres 0 offloads 1 missed tackle and 1 error. That has to be the worst performance by a forward in the history of the game. He couldn't even manage to surrender in a tackle yesterday.

Watmough: He's a great player. Very much down on form and fitness since his knee problems but his effort yesterday, along with most was pathetic. I know he has it in him, Im just not sure that with 2 games left we have time to wait for his form to return.

Menzies: Menzies did what any rugby league great would do in a well beaten side...... score the only try. If menzies wasn't all over our defense line, I don't doubt we would have had 80 put on us.

Kennedy: For a bloke who could hardly walk at the begining of the week, he can hold his head high. I feel so sorry for a bloke with such a big heart to play out the rest of his career with a bunch of specators.

Hecks: BRING HIM BACK NOW! He can't pass. He can't kick. He doesn't have a step, but if you give him the ball he motors his way to the defensive line with no fear. A player that every team needs to have, someone to do the hard yards and to do them well.


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May 10, 2005
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Leuluai needs to have a look at Fui Fui Moi Moi to see what kind of impact a front rower can have from the bench.

Kite has struggled without the back up from Ryles, Bailey, Sims, Poore etc. When you're packing down for a scrum and you see Princess and The Chad next to you, it's got to drain any sort of confidence and enthusiasm you have.


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Oct 19, 2004
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their all decent defenders.. but even Beaver doesnt make enough metres per game. with the exception of Watmough and BK the rest of the forwards offer nothing with the ball.. going forward.


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Nov 12, 2004
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i like to call them our backwards

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