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Our Forwards/Fringe First Graders

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Top End Eagle, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Top End Eagle

    Top End Eagle Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    There has been a lot said recently about a few of our performances as a team and more so about our punch or lack of it in the forwards.

    King played his best for us behind Kite and Perry and Kite played his best after Bellamy brushed him from a regular, if only just deserved, Origin spot.

    A bit said in defence of both.

    King could have been picked for origin as a twenty two year old and had he been the confidence he gained would have seen him develop into one of the best front rowers in the game. He had a couple of Queenslanders in front of him and a St George centric selection panel and as such carved a niche for himself as a consistent dependable club man. He was justly rewarded with some Origin appearances (and unjustly singled out for his first game performance last year where he mopped up everything that Smith created around the ruck without due recognition).

    Anyone fortunate enough to be able to watch last year's GF at their leisure feel free to load it on the TV and see what Kite did last year. He was the best prop in that game and he made a few telling runs when it looked like our young halves were cramped and flustered for space. If you watch the 2008 GF then you will see a truly sublime performance.

    Both of these blokes are still up for it however at this stage of their careers the stand out performances are probably left for the games they emotionally are up for.

    Our problem and the NRL's is the lack of a decent reserve grade. Plenty of people here calling for junior rep sensations without considering the best interest of the players -all 'our' current best made their mark after being bashed in the QLD cup before they earned their stripes - hoppa the undeniable exception - Boys (especially forwards) need to be bashed by a few hard heads and that doesn't happen in NSW Cup -In the NSW State Cup it's pretenders styling their facial hair and shaving their legs, and making highlight videos of their meagre triumphs to shop around to Sydney based managers to a Jay Z sound track.

    QLD cup it's enough to go to work all week represent your local area with a couple of returned NRL players and then go fishing or drinking at the Normanby the next day - no-one is diminishing the game they just played that week thinking they should be in the big show.

    Worst decision our club ever made leaving the Unshine Coast -you think what the Insular Peninsula has created would be recognised in an insular competition where players don't get the chance to be big-heads before they are anybody.

    I thought this year Lussick would be the young legs our big boppers needed to add that spark but he has been a cheap penalty merchant and a dropped ball fiend. I rate the bloke but he has not delivered to our team the way he promised last year.

    Mauro is solid but in three years I don't think I have seen any agression. If we could trade these two's attributes off against each other I think we might have our next props - but that's not possible.

    George should be back next week and it is now time - for all those calling for him to be back earlier think what a motivation this stint in NSW Cup will be for the big fella.

    Our young props will come through and maybe one or two of our older ones will find enough form for a two year deal in England and rip in for the remainder of the year.

    (some of this posted in a previous thread and apologies if you have read some of it twice)
    Just my thoughts...

    ERNIE FOR NO7 Active Member

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    The club didnt leave the Qld Cup or the Sunshine Coast. The NSWRL refused to allow the NSW - NRL based clubs to have their players duelled registered with the QRL, which they had to be to play QLD CUP. Canberra who used to play their reserve graders with Brisbane's Souths Magpies tried to fight the decision but failed.

    Canberra are hoping the RL Commission reverse this restriction for 2013 so they can go back. If the Commission does allow the dual registration Manly could go back to the Sunny Coast but that is only an option if the commission doesnt decide to fund a NRL Reserve grade as the NRL CEOs are requesting.
  3. Chip and Chase

    Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    I think everyone (well most people) would agree that a return of reserve grade would be a great fillip for the game. It would bring back some of the "club" feel for the playing roster and the fans. It provides an environment for the 20+ year olds to learn and grow as footballers (esp for forwards as they tend to mature later) and still feel like they are contributing to the greater cause. Where would you rather play ? in front of dozen fans and a 2 dogs at Windsor, or as a curtain raiser at a packed Brookvale ? If I was a fringe player I know which would be more inspiring and bring out the best.

    Let's hope that there is some consideration given to investing some of this allegedly billion dollar TV rights windfall into a proper second tier competition.

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