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Other sports you like/play


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Dec 13, 2004
Watch and enjoy near all sports bar AFL and Union.

As far as supporting a team where I watch nearly every game like I do Manly, that would be football and Spurs


stay tuned
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Oct 8, 2011

Other sports.

NHL - Canucks (love watching them live) - next year.....fer sure eh!
Alpine ski racing. Women mainly until we get to Kitzbuhel - then the men come out to play. fmd that track is insane (I've posted pics of it in hats holiday thread).
snowboarding events (duh)
red bull crushed ice racing
Caber tossing....

Meh, I'll give most sports a gander but there's only so much time in the life!


Some weird and wonderful sports in this old thread...

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May 11, 2010
Apart from the Mighty Manly Sea Eagles...
I only actively follow football...and that's at NSW NPL 2 level ( effectively two levels below the A League )...will attend all matches involving Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC....or Avala, for those that can remember that far back. Even went to Pluim Park this year to watch what is effectively a third division game...
To all the Croats and their sympathisers...maybe see you next year back in NPL 1. PS .. never lost a moments sleep about any other sporting team or result....Eagles all the way...Manly and the Bonno ones.


Maroon and White - Born and Bred
Jun 22, 2010
MWRLFC is #1
I surfed at North Narrabeen and played for the Sharks growing up, played cricket for long reef.
Moved to the Central Coast and played league, cricket and Union for Gosford and retired from all sports at 45 due to injury.
I don't follow much Rugby below the Wallabies and keep the occasional eye on the Swans, but love all cricket and my TV rotates between the cricket and league channels.


Parra Trolls are the best.
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Dec 11, 2010
I still play baseball and Umpire baseball, love watching Japanese baseball and the MLB. (Yankees)
One thing that peevs me is how professional mlb organisations are and how good the mlb atbat app is.
At the end of the yankees season the ceo gives a hour long assessment and the owner a 20 min assessment.

They happily face the music and as a fan it makes me more connected than i am with Manly.

Mark from Brisbane

โ€œ Triggered Boomerโ€
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Oct 2, 2008
Only two sports for me , Summer - Cricket, Winter - The Footy.

Oh as far as playing , Iโ€™m now getting pretty good at Lawn Bowls ( which youโ€™ll be surprised to know has just as many young ones playing now as us old farts ).

To ****ing old for much else and I hate golf!!
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Eagle thru 'n' thru

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Nov 5, 2016
I play soccer every Saturday arvo with a bunch of locals, most of them are African and boy, they run like the wind! There are a few South Americans aswell and are ridiculously skillful. Two weeks ago, this Aussie bloke (me) scored a bangin' goal from 20 meters away, and the opposition were clapping my effort.

Played waterpolo in my late teens/early 20's. Damn great sport to play....but cannot watch it.

Played Oztag aswell. Torn a muscle in my shoulder diving to grab the ribbon.

I'd like to play more golf than I do.

AFL, RU, basket ball.....yeah...nah.

Tennis, ODI & 20/20cricket is ok

Teams supported

Sydney FC, Perth Glory
Detroit Lions

Gotta mention Tuart Hill junior FC whom my boys plays for.

Kiwi Eagle

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2018 Tipping Competitor
Nov 12, 2004
Playing and watching at the moment, Darts. Surprisingly good viewing and a good social game to play

Cricket up there, retired from Prem cricket about 4 years ago but being dragged back into the social side this weekend

Basketball, Breakers and the Bulls

Baseball, Indians although Iโ€™ll flick them if they become woke and drop the name


Premium Member
Oct 8, 2011
Love my cricket. Its a family affair with all of us playing, including wifey and daughter and two boys. Love test cricket. The intricacies and tactics. Appreciate and enjoy test cricket more than the T20 smash and bash these days. I'm tipping I must be getting old. Used to love the cricket forum on here when blokes would post their shenanigans from their Saturday club cricket. Was always a good read. Hopefully we can get it up and running again.

sean john

Manly Til I Die
May 25, 2015
NRL and the BBL are the only two comps ill watch religiously but as a punter and a person that is sports mad I do take interests in all sports across the globe and affiliate my self to some franchises including Chelsea fc and the Philadelphia Eagles. The NBA i chop and change due to certain players but at the moment the team i go for would be the Philadelphia 76ers


Well-Known Member
Mar 11, 2015
Iv surfed all my life and still do to this day, love watching it. Occy, Curren, Carrol, MR heroes growing up. Love Fanning, Parko, J Robinson, A Irons ( RIP).

Also Played soccer and league growing up.
Love the Socceroos and Matildaโ€™s
76ers in the NBA
Love watching the grand final in any sport ( the passion)


Well-Known Member
Mar 28, 2018
I currently play squash every Wednesday night & a social game of tennis with some mates every Sunday arvo & get out for a bike ride (no spandex) whenever I can.

I played soccer for Narrabeen FC for the past 15 years but hung up the boots a couple of years ago after successive, annoying injuries - groin, the rehab for which led to knee pain & discovering I've got a hole in the cartilage in my left knee, broken wrist (freak tackle accident).

Funnily I feel much fitter now than while playing soccer - no doubt not having constant niggling injuries is part of it.

I played rugby when I was a kid living in NZ then soccer & a bit of union after moving to Aus.

I like watching soccer & boxing. Used to love the one day cricket but never liked tests & so never watch the cricket these days.

Dont really support any team other than the Sea Eagles but enjoy watching games between any other teams in most other sports.

Also enjoy watching a bit of golf & darts - there's something really relaxing about watching the former & intriguing about the latter.
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Aug 21, 2017
Carlton - AFL
Liverpool - EPL
Seattle Seahawks - NFL
Iowa Hawkeyes - College Football - Wife is from Iowa hence the connection
Horse Racing
Triathlons - competed for 12 years straight through 90's to 00's
Cricket - still play in over 50's comp in Canberra
Play Masters AFL on and off. love playing aussie rules but don't watch much AFL. Much prefer my league.


I have a well known member
Premium Member
Jun 17, 2010
I watch most sports but the ones I avidly follow outside of League are:

NFL - Philadelphia Eagles
Soccer - Aston Villa, Celtic, Sydney FC, Socceroos
Rugby - Manly Marlins, Waratahs, Wallabies
Cricket - Sydney Sixers, NSW, Essex, Australia

I'll watch the major golf and tennis tournaments when they're on. No particular favourites other than cheering on the Aussies.

As far as playing, I haven't played anything for a while, but really should get back into golf or something as I'm getting far too overweight. Played League until I was about 20 then played Union until I gave it away at about 34. There was a few years when I played both.

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