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He is really starting to get back to some good footie. He's looking a lot better on his feet and how good does he go when he takes the line on. For mine he looked dangerous all night and was in my top three with Stewy 2 and Watmough. He had some really clean crisp passing topped off with a nice kicking game a pretty good game from the little bloke. His defense stood up well to. For a little bloke he sure can cut the big blokes down when needed.


Yes, that was much better from orford.. he's getting there slowly but surely.

He's at his best when he's taking the line on... and he did make some excellent tackles on much bigger blokes.. the one where he cut down Brad Thorn just a metre or two from our tryline was a good one. Hopefully he keeps improving.


He looks good when taking the line on but guys, the kicking game was terrible, straight down their throats until late in the 2nd half.

He also needs to start running the show, he captain and halfback. The attack was disjointed & shallow for most of the game. When he actually took control, we looked good.


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it was better in patches but it wasnt good at all. The game dwindled away without much attack or enthusiam and considering the platform that was laid for him by the forwards i expected more.

Watmough 215m
King 150m
Stewy2 141m
Rose 104m
Bryant 118m

and to only win by that was rather dissapointing.

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Orford's short kicking game was very good. If he played for Brisbane tonight we would have lost.

What is a concern is that his long kicking game is not working. His goal kicking was equally poor. My guess is that the medial ligament weakness is affecting this, which means that Burns and Monaghan should be kicking for length and Killer taking the goal kicks. Hopefully it will improve. Otherwise I liked his game tonight.

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