Orford still not signed with Melbourne

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Contrary to the news the other night, it seems that Orford has not signed with Melbourne and is likely to wait until June 30. Rumours persist that he is keen to go to the Gold Coast and would be happy with a one year contract in the interim. Similar rumours say the same for Lolesi and Flannery!


Meanwhile, Melbourne halfback Matt Orford still has not re-signed with the club and it seems he will wait until the NRL's anti-tampering deadline passes on June 30 before deciding his future.

Melbourne football manager Peter O'Sullivan said last night: "We've given him our best offer. It's up to him whether to take it or not."

Orford is bound to be the subject of a huge offer from Souths if he is still available after June 30


Kim Jong Dan
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I wonder if we are still going to chase him.

Would like to see

7 - Orford
6 - Witt
9 - Monnas

The would be a very strong attacking combinatin as well as very strong in defense
fingers crossed, but its a long shot... no doubt Fluffy will find some more stats to back Monaghs up, " Monaghs does his right boot up first, and stats show halves who do up right boots first, part there hair on the left more often"

or something as significant......
and possibly the so called "wise monkeys" would also be vindicated as management have backed up their assesment that the club cant rely on our current halves to take us beyond simply "making" the semis.
Journey Man
ah pepsi - still missing the point.

you are so misguided - i have never said i dont want orford here.

i have posted factual data - better than your if's and heresay stuff to backup my stance that orford is not worth 450K + (now seems like we will need 550K or there abouts)

but you want him no matter what the cost

actually you've convinced me - throw 1 million at him - we are guarenteed the premiership then

no doubt you will miss the point and blame it on King
its funny actually Fluffy Mr Stats and accuracy, please go through as many posts of mine as you would like and see if i have ever connected orford to a dollar value, ive never said he is or isnt worth X amount of dollars.

While on that stating that he can along with someone like Anasta could take manly to a premeirship doesnt mean he could do it at souths, the players around them may have something to do with all that.

Look how Beaver/Monaghs and BK have even made a raiders reserve grader look good at Manly!
Journey Man
so you were arguing againt me saying he isnt worth exorberent dollars but werent willing to give your opinion about what he was worth - suprise suprise.

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