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Okay, so you're all going to think i'm crazy...

BUT, this whole Monoghan/Orford situation has left a bad taste in my mouth. It seems nobody at this club (prob. except Beaver) is safe from being made redundant if a better option arises. That is all well and good in a black and white world, but in a footy team that relies on passion and pride almost (but not quite) as much as talent, this could be an interesting detractor from our team.

Although our captain is under contract for the next three years, his position in the team is shaky to say the least. I mean this in the terms of having a captain playing less than a full game in a position which he is not naturally suited. I still hate the thought of our club captain being stuffed around in the way he has...and don't get me started on how they have treated the Randall family.

We all know and admire Monoghan's mongrel. Orford is a different type of player to Monoghan, maybe more naturally talented, but not as much of a natural leader, a quality which the latter brought to our team at a time when we most needed it.

HOWEVER, in saying all this, i am hoping for that ideal world in which our Captain Monoghan and his new 1st mate Orford can join forces for 80 minutes of football every week in 2006 and beyond!!!


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Not fishing fluffy. Copy of an article directly from MSE.

Im getting a good laugh out of those blokes latly.


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Fishing or not, I agree with fLIP. I said (from the coach who knows nothing :) ) that MM looked to me like a good 5/8th. Hooker or 5/8th, or wherever, I still think he is an asset to Manly.

There is deep down hope in all supporters that loyalty counts for a whole lot. This occassionally comes to fruition as in Beaver's case. But reality is that success is the measure and weekly performance the yardstick. Deliver or perish. No matter what Chad and his family thinks he didn't make it in the time allowed. I have no trouble in the club changing the roster in any way as they work towards giving us fans success.


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Not fishing fluffy. Copy of an article directly from MSE.

Im getting a good laugh out of those blokes latly.

So you didn't write it?
Be a good Idea if you said it was a copy and paste job. From MSE.

You are the little fisherman aren't you?


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Why do you only reply to the topics that I write something fishing? Never to those where I praise some of monaghans attributes.

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