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Orford - An Opinion

Canteen Worker

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Jul 15, 2004
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Manly fan's had high expectations of instant success with the highly publicised signing of one of the reputed star half-backs of our code.

The two games so far have seen inconsistent form from the Sea Eagles and the form of the team has been anything but impressive, despite some brave defence against the Cowboys.

Is Orford no good? Have Manly wasted their coins for a big name signing that isn't up to the task? Already some fools on MSE are questioning the signing of our 'Great White Hope' and are clamouring for a return of the 'I can only pass one way' Michael Monaghan.

My conjecture is on two fronts:

1. Manly need to adjust their attacking style to the game that Orford plays best. The attacking structure looks confused at times and some time may pass until it happens best. A mixture of flat runners, inside balls, unders and overs, second man plays and Orford handling the ball at least three to four times in a set are essential. Runners need to learn to read him and have confidence in what he delivers. In other words Orford must become the Main Man!

2. We need a stable hooker and five-eighth. There reigns confusion with Monas or is it Burns or is it Dunley and all this chopping and changing. My belief is that Monaghan is stifling Orford and should either be dummy half or nothing - his attacking style is very different to Orford and the two of them get in the way of the other. I would prefer to see a traditional and skilled Hooker such asBallin at Hooker and Burns at 5/8, and give them time to develop the attacking style that will take them through the season together.

Orford can be the star that we want him to be - but he must be allowed to play his own game, develop understanding with the forward ball runners as well Stewart and co in the backs.

We must also be realistic that this not going to happen overnight (as said by Vegas) but will gradually develop. In the meantime we have to defend well, do the simple things right and graft out some wins through good ball control and solid football.


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Nov 12, 2004
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Orford is being marked under the same criteria as Monas as he should be.

It seems all the orford is the messiah brigade are now unsing all the excuses they dismissed when monas was wearing the number 7. Seems strange how the players have changed but nothing else has.

Until orford pulls his finger out and starts playing like someone on 450K a year then i will continue to criticise his performance and when he does i will praise him.


Kim Jong Dan
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Jul 15, 2004
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Monas had 2 years to click with the team
Orford needs time to adjust. We gave Monas the chances and I liked his style of play sometimes, i just didnt like his mouth!

Orford is a better half back and given a few more games he will click with the rest of the team.

Once we get some enforces giving him so room we will fire. so King needs to go and this seasons signings must concentrate on quality forwards and props


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Jul 19, 2004
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Orford is a good player. Dessie doesn't know what to do with him.


New Member
Feb 19, 2006
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To me it seems that Des isn't able to bring out the best in the players. Chopping and changing players positions is just an example of uncertaintity in his coaching. You can only hope Des realises this, but I don't know. It is hard to be to positive...

Melbourne have a new Half and some young backs, they seem to be able to click in attack.


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Jul 26, 2004
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The old Cliche to be a Good Halfback you need Front Rowers who go forward

Jatz Crackers

Staff member
Nov 5, 2005
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I have just as much confidence in Orford performing well as i do in King being a burden on this team.

The only issue that really leaves me oscillating is Des.

Stuey Davis Socks

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Jul 15, 2004
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You beat me to it Stevie. Orford will struggle as long as our props refuse to stand up & be counted. The last time I checked softness was not in the prop- forward's description.

I heard on the grapevine that King's application to join the Front-rowers Club has been rejected. Application criteria not met include:
- No ticker;
- Not bleeding for his club;
- No stamina;
- Chicken legs instead of tree-stumps;
- Too intelligent;
- No defensive skills (other than the flop)
- No attacking skills;
- Keeping real front-rowers out of a gig;
- etc etc

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