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Only the brave wade in this weekend


Winging it
Staff member
Jul 15, 2004
The bookies have got the Eagles as favorites this weekend. Even amongst the Eagle's supporters here there are doubts on how the front row is going to line up and what opportunities we have at dominating the game.

NSW Tab Eagles $1.77 Doggies $1.95
Centrebet Eagles $1.85 Doggies $1.95

NSW Tab -1.5 pts Eagles $1.85 +1.5 pts Doggies $1.85
Centrebet -4.5 pts Eagles $2.20

Half Time/Full Time Double Bulldogs into Manly $6.50 (I put this here as it seems to be a disturbing trend we constantly deliver on)

Ads noted that we have very high scoring games at Brookie. This hasn't been missed by the NSW Tab who has this game on the Over/Under Score as the highest scoring game of the entire round.
Under 52.5 pts $1.85
Over 52.5 pts $1.85

May your bank balances swell on an Eagles victory! :drunk:


Well-Known Member
Jul 19, 2004
Still very close odds, i'll keep my cash in my wallet. Plus if I bet on manly it's a guaranteed loss.

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