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Online Petition to NRL for 2012

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by anzac7, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. anzac7

    anzac7 New Member

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    Hi everyone. I have posted this around on a couple of forums just to bring it to the attention of other NRL fans like myself. There has been some mediocre refereeing throughout 2011 and many years before but the NRL still don't seem to do a lot about it. The current system just isn't working and consistency is always a big issue. Not meaning to take away from the GF hype, it will be a pumped game.

    This petition was not written for any team in particular but for all teams and their fans who want to see something done for their respective clubs and the game in general.

    The petition is basically about NRL fans voicing their agreement and opinion regarding the history of this problem and hopefully bring it to the NRL's attention. It would be great if there could be some type of points system for referee's much the same way that players are subjected to week in and week out. After all, if any of us don't perform appropriately in our jobs we are all subject to scrunity and face consequences so why isn't it the same for referees?

    I'm not sure if I can post links in here but I will ask the moderators if it is ok? I will try to post some links in a reply to this post and will also have the links in my profile for anyone wanting to take a look and lend your support. It takes 30 seconds to register and hopefully, all going to plan, could save you 30 years of stress and tearing your hair out as otherwise the system doesn't look like changing any time soon.

    Thanks for reading and if you do wish to support it, please pass it on.

    I have watched Manly play quite a few times this year, you guys have an exciting team. Lots of options in this forum too.

    Thanks forum[hr]

    Facebook site - CLICK HERE
    Online Petition - CLICK HERE

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