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Kim Jong Dan
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look the game was actually pretty good and the first time in a long time that you could actually say that the referee cost us the game!.

but I must stay Stepp had an outstanding game and played v.

I think he should replcae Donald for the rest of he season!
dont start with the psoitive ****,we lead 4 tries to 1 at halftime and come out and play ****en basketball in our own 1/4,harris is a ****en disgrace with some of those passes in his own quarter.sorry dan but i am very emotional at the moment.this is still vegas by the way.


stevenson had his best game ever, very solid and outjumped a noted high ball taker.

ref made a few key blunders which all had varied results. Harris was stripped or lost the ball backwards, ref gives knock on, they score.

The tap re start which should have been a drop out at a vital time, they scored almost straight fom that,

then simply restarting play before hicks got back, and according to radio as i couldnt see from where i was, the knock on at the play the ball at the death.

Having said that did anyone not expect a short kick off ? i can understand losing the ball when its a suprise, but when expected no excuse.


i might ad, thats easily the most upset ive been after a loss, losing bad doesnt bother me, but when its close, then coming back, then a possible refs decision, thats just a killer.


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Having said that did anyone not expect a short kick off ? i can understand losing the ball when its a suprise, but when expected no excuse.

Beaver admitted that on the ABC that they were, ithe problem was that they were expecting (and reasonably so) that Hicks would be allowed to take his position, which is exactly where the kick went to. I can't blame the team, Beaver said they took the positions that they do for the short lickoff, problem was they were one player short.

Does any know the actual rule for the kick off to take place???
i know we are all gutted but the real question is how do we allow ouselves to be put in these positions.its all about composure and we aint got any.there is not much left now but pride and hopefully brisbane wont flog us if we the way,outside broken play, the cowboys were awful today and should have been made to pay.should of,could of,would of...will it ever change.


Journey Man
I agree with sue. We can't blame anybody fro losing from 18-6 at 1/2 time. That second 1/2 was probably the worst defensive display I have seen from ANY team this year.

Sorry Danners - no positives here mate.

Just think, if Dessy left in Witt, we may have well won that game.


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I can name worse defensive displays than the 2nd half today. remember the 2nd half against Souths!!!


Journey Man
Sorry Garts mate...Touche.


I absolutely shudder to think of what we are going to face against Brisbane next week.

Sad thing is, is that I don't actually think Bell/Orford could fix the ship we currently have.

Orfords probably asking for an eraser as we speak.


Reserve Grader
One big positive was the injection of our bench players. Kylie, Dunley and Harris were all superb when they came on in the second 20 of the first half, they really turned the game on it's head. I think we'll miss Harris, he's really becoming a bit of a ball playing forward. I know he makes errors but I'd rather see a bloke make errors trying things rather than the current situation with a few of our forwards, 1 particularly. Harris may well win a premiership between 06 and 09 with the Tigers, they're definitely going places.


we were pretty good i thought. Cowboys run wild with their attack.. i cant blame them too much.

Goalkicking let us down.. thats how much Witty means to this team.. also we missed having another option in long kicking.. Monas only option so they smashed him (literally) with pressure.. and we applied none on their kickers.

Kick chase was poor all game too. How we let Williams score 105 metre try is beyond me.


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That loss was painful . I was at Kogarah last year for that comeback win by the Dragons which also hurt , but this loss may cost us a top 8 spot. The ref made a few mistakes , but I'm not going to blame him for another ordinary Manly performance. The Cowboys were missing 2 of their best forwards in Webb & Rauhihi. I don't give us any hope next week , but will be hopeful that we can beat the Knights & Warriors.


UFO Hunter
I think the decision was terrible but we must remember that the Cowboys still had to score the try after getting the ball back.


First Grader
The team played the best they have in many weeks. If they won the boards would be allot different. This week I feel bad for the players. They would be shattered. (well I bloody hope so)

King was the worst. obviously hes still injured and our team CANNOT carry any passengers.
that injury stuff has passed its use by date.we have copped that for 3 years.he is a cat and if des puts king up against webke i will give it away.hecks in,princess to PL bench.


Reserve Grader
i will give it away if he gets picked again,3yrs of injury bull****,the guy is a milk drinker of the highest order,3 hit ups 23 metres,my god and he was run on............ffffffffaaaaaaaaarrrrrkkkkkkkkk

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