OK Manly, are you up to the Challenge?


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After a solid win last week, when supporters were divided on whether a win was expected.
Most Manly supporters are now EXPECTING a win against the sharks.

So my question is.

Are they up to the challenge of giving us an expected win?

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The next two weeks will tell us what we need to know: Are we genuine contenders of pretenders?

Good home performances and some consistency against two strong teams will tell us whether we dare get our hopes up or whether only the blind optimists can genuinely look forward to the weekend.

Are we the real thing or just powder puffs that are on one week and missing the next?

Have we learned from the lessons of last year?

Is there a maturity about Manly that has been missing for a long time?

DEFENCE is the key and the signs against the Warriors were good.

Confidence and cohesion come from winning games. The jury is out but will the real Manly please stand up and show yourself.
I'm tempted to train it down. It should be a cracker, and will hopefully answer some of the questions posed in this thread.
ill go so far as to say, if we beat the seweridge swallowers and then put up a competetive show against the Storm who are pretty hot at the moment, ill be confident we will sneak into the top 8, I know thats a big call, and very very early. More the point im making is that if we cant beet them this weekend, without $$$$morley then we are no better than last years manly team.
Byso, I don't expect them to win. If you saw the Sharks/Panthers game they beat them all over the park and played really good football.

Cronulla have done us up twice in recent memory when we were "expected" to win....esp. a game at Brooky I remember when we were ahead by 20 at the break.

They are a really solid side & a better team than the Warriors, even without Noddy & Nutley.

This is the 2nd game of the Comp. so expectations are hard to trust. When we see half a dozen games then you can start to pick form a bit.........

ALL that said, I think our off season buys should make our team more consistent across the park, and more able to get results under pressure.

This game is pressure....1st home game at Brooky and a great opp. with the Sharks two best players sidelined. My gut feeling is that this side is up to the challenge....and if they do win it will be an excellent victory for all concerned....esp. us diehard fans ! 8)
Good stuff EVO......I just want MANLY to start winning games there expected to win that will bring the crowds back and Manly to a respected team....we need this win!

Our team is in good form and showing signs of being competitive.....I want them to deliver for the good of the club!

If they do win we should get another 15k crowd against the storm. This is unheard of!
Just saw the forecast for Sunday:
Cloudy with Rain to Showers ... Bit of a bugger for the club as the rain usually keeps people away from Brooky. :mad:

May bring the teams closer together as well...how do you think wet weather will effect the match?
I'm sick of the f-ing rain at brookie. It rained close to half the games last year there. Not to good for photos and the cheerleaders dont strut there stuff :evil:

As for the footy, manly won plenty while playing in the wet there. But the crowds could drop off x)
Yep, most of the games i saw last year it rained at or threatened to rain at.

Ill have my manly umbrella there.
Same hairdresser as Ian Roberts I guess......That show should be called dancing with the fags.
ill be going but i will be well protecteed hair wise by the JM stand
Rain means smaller crowds which means less revenue.

Trust Manly to break the drought!

Ask the Bears (if there were any left) about Rain. Better weather a few years back and Souths would still have some competition for the spoon - and Ryan would not have discovered the excellence of the Sea Eagles!

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