OK Lets be Honest - who are you supporting in the GF (If any)

The '47ers

When Eagles are silent Parrots begin to chatter
What's the fine print in respect to overtime, I'd love to see golden point run out and send them back to do it again as a replay.


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Definitely the Panthers. Their success comes mainly from local juniors. A lot of their players have come from rough areas and humble beginnings. I don’t see their behaviour as arrogant. I see it as a brotherhood who have come together and defied the odds and have created a dynasty for not only themselves, but more importantly for the future stars that will come from the area.
( Can you tell I grew up in the area? @:D ).


I don't care who wins but I'm starting to get sick of the Panthers winning and do want another team to win the premiership. The game needs another good team that can win the ultimate price since the last 2 seasons it's been way to predictable.
Off thread sorry Maxta hope you dont mind if I post this....this is if Mal Meninga took up basketball instead of Rugby League lol. Theres even a reference to Crnkovic . Wasnt there some NRL play called Danny Crnkovic?



As much as I hate supporting anyone other than manly, Penrith I'm FTA and a know a few of the staff who are all good dudes so I wish them the best.

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I think Penrith will win, if they do, they deserve all they get with a three-peat, but I don't have a preference for the winner yet, I'm also happy for Brisbane to win after a few bad years, and I do enjoy watching Reece Walsh, perhaps I will develop who I want to win once the game starts and as it goes on, I am sure it will be a great game


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This will be my 15th grand final live at accor stadium since 2007 ( 2021 GF up in QLD is the only one I have missed) as a member out at Olympic park

Love this day.
taking a close friend who supports the Broncos to his first GF tickets on the 40 m line near half way

Been Broncos all week for me but heading into the city there was way too many Broncos jumper never knew so many came from the beaches
way too many and remembered how much I hate QLD.

This heat will suit Broncos I think sadly
hopefully a cracking GF.
Panthers by 7

Finally this day reminds me how far we are away from appearing in another GF ourselves.I hate where we are as a club right now and unless we get our act together we are in for many more lean years
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Broncos, but only because I want to see Reynolds stick it up Souffs.
Plus, Panthers fans are already insufferable. Couldn’t handle them after a three-peat.

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