OK Lets be Honest - who are you supporting in the GF (If any)


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Let's be honest - forget who is good, bad, or ugly....or who plays this way or what players you Ha.. (dislike) politically correct right :wondering:
But who are you cheering for Sunday in the Grand Final.
Personally I always have a preference and I can hate both !!
Penrith have a few players that annoy me, but a few I really like including To'o, Liam Martin and Cleary.....Bronco's I hate em all and live in a town full of Bronco supporters ( oh well when they are winning that is) , the jerseys they wear around here have mothballs on them and have been in the cupboards for the past 10 years or so....
So the Matty K tip is - Penrith to Win with tries to To'o and Liam Martin, but forget the bet - I MUCH prefer a Penrith Win for the reasons above, which is the threads real identity.....have a good 1 Silvertail Champions and give us your team for Sunday with ANY and ALL your trivial or cranky reasons !!

manly al

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Really indifferent to the outcome but just for Kevie's Walters sake , would not be displeased with a Broncs win
Just think that he is a very genuine and decent individual who has really stuck to his task despite being under a heap of pressure and expectation since he took up the reins there
Certainly helping his cause having a very talented and capable side now but still had to get the side playing some good consistent footy and some reasonable chance of being finally rewarded on Sunday
But we all know just how ruthless and methodical the Panthers can be so still a big challenge for him and his side .
Hopefully it will be not that inappropriate in the spirit of this thread to include a bit of Go The Pies encouragement against the Lions for Saturday also .. .


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Wouldn't support the donkeys in a pink fit..! Go the 'riff (at least for one game). :)

The '47ers

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Probably leaning towards Penrith. Living in Qld it's always unbearable when the Donkeys win. If Penrith win it'll just be "meh just more of the same". Hate Luai but probably Walsh more, yeah sure both can play but what absolute flogs.

Ron E. Gibbs

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Seems to have been a concerted campaign in the News Ltd press over the last few days to persuade everyone, especially referee Adam Gee, that the Panthers are "polarising" and borderline cheats, and that the humble, underdog Broncos are the team with the greater moral claim to the trophy. So for that reason alone, I am hoping the Panthers flog them.

bob dylan

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There is still footy going on?

Honestly didnt know who was in GF until Sundays newspaper was read sometime Sunday arvo.

Penrith will give our 40-nil a nudge against these niff-nuffs.


Panthers all the way… I like watching things I’ve never seen before… I was born in 83, the last time a team went back to back to back, so ide rather see a 3peat from the best team of the last 4 years over a flash in the pan broncos win

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