Oh...My....Goodness !!!

Journey Man
Everyone is telling me what a good / experienced 1/2 back Michael Monaghan is !!! Does anyone remember 2004 & 2005?
Maybe that's my problem - maybe I just perceive things very differently to everyone else?


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Journey Man
yes i remember MM getting manly into the top 8 for the first time since norths ****ed us up - Do you?

who would you rather have?

Stewy 05 or stewy now
Hicks 05 or Hicks now
Hill or Bell
Stephensen or Matai
Donalf or Robbo
Witt or Burns
King 05 or King now
Randall or Ballin
Kite 05 or Kite now

Yep - everyone bar our backrow is a lot better than in 05

But hey without unjust vendettas this site would be ordinary

Yes i would prefer orford but if monas plays on the left, burns on the right we will still be quite dangerous.
UFO Hunter
Don't worry ryan.

I remember.

If you can't pass from dummy half under no pressure you can't pass from half when it counts.

Nuff said.
UFO Hunter
What we need to remember is he's only covering an injury. Lets not get to worked up about something we can't help.
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Exactly Flip, he is covering for a injury.

I would have personally gone with Burns but I am not the coach and I dont know what is best for the team.

He has the experience there in first grade, yes I know we lost 13 straight on the trot but he did play some good games at the start of the season and even won us a couple of games. We could do far worse.
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I remember certain people touting Monas as a State of Origin quality halfback when we first signed him. But what do they know.

Des just needs to drill into him to get the ball out to Burns, Lyons and Stewey (2nd man plays) post haste. No concentric circles & no ball playing. Either pass it straight away, kick it if its the 5th or tuck it under the wing and hit the line.

Still think we are behind the 8 ball tonight. Maybe this impending thunderstorm will work in our favour and slow the game down.
Meh.. he was outstanding and his kicking game was awesome. Thats how Monaghan can play with confidence.

what a great game Monas Ballin Watmough and Stewart (glen) had.
UFO Hunter
Watmough is looking down the barrel of rep selection again if he keeps up that form.
Whoever started & continued most of the threads at the top of the list right now are looking like dicks.
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Yeh he played well, fair cop. But let's face it the Tigers were woeful and the conditions worked in our favour. He had very little pressure put on him and with the amount of ball we were gifted he had plenty of opportunities. Still it's a pity he couldn't have shown that sort of ability consistently a couple of seasons ago, would have saved us all some grief. Also I hope he learnt some lessons about how important good service from dummy half is.

Best thing about yesterday was Ballin's performance, surely the Gimp Dunley's time has come, there is no way Des can justify picking him now.
Journey Man
He played well - I'll give him that. But Fluffy - go take some rohipnol or something. Settle down dude. The veign in your foreheads going to pop !!

I just don't get you. You talk about King and Monnas like you want to root them, then flap your gums about how mediocre Matt Orford is. PFFFT.
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Very little pressure put on him ?

Replacing 1 of the games top halves, playing a position he hasnt filled for a long time, with some very young players around him, and a fanbase that is constantly after him

I would say there is a little bit of pressure there
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I meant defensive pressure in the actual game, of which there was very little.

All that other stuff is only "pressure" if you let it be.

Look if we were certain he could play like that next week, than let him stay there and give Orford another week off to get his knee right. The Roosters are travelling like a bunch of busted ar$es at the moment and expect that they'll be as ordinary as the Tigers were yesterday.
Journey Man
ryan, firstly, i hardly go on about wanting to root a player, it just appears that way relativly speaking to the numerous negative threads started. When i say someone went well its usually just a post not a thread, if i was to even up the terms there would have to be 2 - 3 threads started per days for the next week to come close to the bagging from last week from varios posters.

secondly id rather be known as the guys who wants to root a player in the team i support than the guy who wants to murder him in front of his family which is how you come off, i have the feeling you tried to score a root and got turned down or something since you carry such a grudge.

I would think about a reality check and leave the exageration out for once and whats you favourite saying, play the ball not the man. Seems you have become your biggest hypocrite on that one.
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