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1.50 dogs 2.40 eagles!

with sonny bill,mason,omeley,matua,tonga,harris and co out.what the hell would they be betting if they were full strength especially with anasta standing up..you have to assume 1.05-10

guess we know what the league world really thinks of us despite our origin pack and place on the table.the brisbane and parra form is better than ours i suppose but still it seems juicy.

might have a piece of that but only a real small piece......
We are getting 5.5 start as well. Every time I bet on Sports TAB we loose, so I will wait and see. Might have a nibble juts before kickoff to see where the money is going.
i can never work out how a side can be so short with no start yet only have to give up 5.5 at the line(1.90) -given how 10 or 12 points in a close game is nothing these days.
Agree, I reckon the TAB are having a bit each way though and are banking on Manly's poor away and night form to make a big killing on the punters taking the $2.40 which considering form/injuries etc is overs.
You have to remember that the Bulldogs still have an amazing backline and front row. Not to mention the fact that they should have beaten a practically full strength Broncos last week with a similar side as this week, apart from Tonga.

They will be very tough, but as I have said in other threads........ if we don't beat them now, we never will.
I notice he is unsigned for next year - someone will be throwing money at him and I reckon the Dogs won't be able to throw a hell of a lot.
The Dogs may have a bucketload to spend next year if Mason and Anasta go as rumoured. They have half the NSW U19 team from last year wrapped up so they have lots of young ones coming through.

It is surely our night form and away form that is keeping our odds down.

Here is the 3rd chance this year to stand up with the Big boys and make some noise. Hope we are up to it!
Punters have abandoned the injury-plagued Bulldogs in their crunch match against Manly at Telstra Stadium on Saturday.

Despite the Dogs being competitive when losing to the Broncos last Sunday, and Manly battling to defeat Wests Tigers at Brookvale Oval, punters have launched into the Sea Eagles, with TAB Sportsbet holding $50,000 on them, compared with $300 on the Bulldogs.

"It's all one-way traffic for Manly both to win the game and with the 5.5 points start," said TAB Sportsbet spokesman Glenn Munsie.

"Manly haven't got a great record away from home but that hasn't stopped punters from backing them heavily. We took $5000 on them at $2.45 to win the game and that was followed up by two bets of $4000.

"As far as the handicap bets go, we took $12,000 on Many with the 5.5 at $1.85, then another $7000, and two bets of $6000."

Munsie said the other NRL match of most interest to punters was the clash between hapless South Sydney and Melbourne. "Punters are very keen to back Melbourne and give the 11.5 points start against Souths," he said. "The biggest bet was one of $12,000 on the Storm giving the start at $1.85, while there was a $15,000 multi-bet of Manly with 5.5 start into Melbourne giving 11.5 start at $3.42.

"We also accepted another multi-bet of $5000 on Manly to win into Melbourne with 11.5 start at $4.53."

Bill Hurley's Sportsbook.com.au spokesman Larry Hawke said the most interest with his agency this weekend was for Cronulla and Newcastle. "There was a bet of $7000 on Cronulla against Canberra at $1.82, while we took a bet of $10,000 on Newcastle with 2.5 points start against Wests Tigers at a quote of $1.90," Hawke said.

Munsie said a punter had placed a futures bet on North Queensland this week, despite their hammering by Parramatta last Sunday. "A punter had $10,000 on the Cowboys to win the minor premiership at $7.50," he said.

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