Observations from the hill

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* Notice how the sun is shining on game day in God’s country this season. We have had so much average to crappy weather on game day over the last few seasons. It’s all very metaphoric.
* As Kevvie Costner once said, “build it and they will come�. Crowds have moved from 14,000 to 15,400 and now to 17,000. These have all involved poor turn ups from opposition supporters. In past seasons the Vermin followers seem to like experiencing a taste of utopia for the day so, with good weather, I’m hoping that we give 20,000 a nudge next Sunday. I don’t think I’m being unrealistic. PS: keep an eye on your kiddies cause they are a bunch of ferals.
* We’ll be raging hot favourites next week which will present a different pressure for us.
* As noted elsewhere, we won all five grades on the weekend. God knows when the last time was that we did that. The Harold Matthews had their first win against a team four points ahead of them on the table. The SG Ball boys are back in business with wonder kid halfback Adam Groom back from injury. They are now in 5th place with the last round this weekend. They could really make a run at this title. The Flegg team is the surprise pack running 7th in a tight comp where 3 teams are on 10 pts and 4 on 8pts. I thought Wheel’s PL Rap was spot on. Jye looked good in his 20 minute run. Jim Curtis also caught my eye. The whole PL team looked strong this week and actually defended like they gave a **** for a change.
* I saw something amazing on Sunday. The Duck was on the end of a slick backline movement. Thank God he didn’t drop the ball in shock. It might not have been a 50-70 metre effort but there’s hope for our attack yet.
* Where the hell has Mattai been hiding his side step. It allowed him to keep getting half through the line and is something we haven’t had for a while. It’s only early days but you’ve gotta like what you see with this guy. Steppa is big and solid but he just doesn’t put the question to the defensive line. Maybe a deeper backline would help him wind up a bit.
* The pack was hunting together on the weekend. So much so that I had a tough time immediately after the game deciding who the best forward was. They should look to carry this over to the attack with short offloads before the line. I think that would benefit Hecks in particular as the defensive line doesn't have to worry about what he is going to do at the moment. Like Pat Jarvis, he only knows one way!
* How many times is Monas going to get away with his dummy, straighten and through tries? Great to see his emotion but I think he might have preferred if BK didn’t smother him afterwards. Great character under duress shown by Monas this week and BK against Melbourne. The effect that sort of commitment has on the whole squad cannot be quantified.
* BK was on 2GB 6-8pm Sports Zone show last night. Peter Jenkins was running it and didn’t even think to say congrats on his selection in the Aussie team. NFI from the rugby boy. BK said that he had a “tingle down his spine� as he ran out towards the packed hill. Sensational.
* How frigging blatant was Canberra’s tactics of lying on the tackled player. I think we were all frustrated at half time. The cheer that went up from the hill as the team walked back after Bullet’s first try was brilliant. Relief mixed with expectation.
* Enough said about Daley and the Fox commentary team – disgraceful!
* I was saying to my wife during the week that everyone is just watching Jason Smith instead of cleaning him up a few times. Beaver did it beautifully and legally. Welcome back to the NRL baby, the honeymoon is over.
* I thought it was LuLu’s best game in defence this year. His timing was back. Instead of glancing off the ball runner or missing him altogether, they were running straight into the brick wall.
* There still needs to be a lot more construction around our kicking game. Who, where and how. That doesn’t mean we get rid of the clever impromptu efforts from Monas but too many times they look like they’re making it up as they go.
* The big moment of the match was at 22-14 when Canberra made the break and Watmough chased and tackled but our defensive line was all over the place. Tyron Smith then dropped the spud next play and the threat of a come back was over. Choc then ran around geeing everyone up like he’d only just run on the field. The Blue Arsed is turning into a Kicked Arse.
* What about Beaver’s almost embarrassed smile as the crowd chanted his name after the final try. I hope he plays forever!
* The feeling outside the ground and on the streets afterwards was gold. You’d think that we’d won the comp! Kids were yelling out, flags were poking out cars all over the place and horns were honking. When we got home (Curl Curl) there was even a dude running up and down Adams & Bennett St with a massive flag. (anyone we know?) I really don’t think that this is people getting carried away. This is success starved supporters showing pure excitement. Pre 1998, there was always a winning expectation around the club and we took week to week wins in our stride. Now we appreciate that win grin feeling a heap more. :D
Oh and I grew up at number 20 Bennett Street :D

Beaver loved the beaver chant. It was Electric and the whole crowd was chanting it.

I can't wait for this Sunday

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