Observations from the Hill – Rd 7


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• Isn’t it great to see Brookie full. The amount of maroon across the hill is sensational. The merchandise sales must be looking very healthy.
• Our kicking game was excellent on Sunday. Very few kicks went directly to an opposing player and the variety and execution was great. This is the standard required to challenge the better sides. nb: Souths put far less pressure on than other teams have so far.
• Hicks is working his way into form after the injury. The first try showcased his ability. With plenty of Souths players around he found the right angles and steps to take to create space for Matai to slice through. That is a skill that can’t be coached. His dummy half running is also starting to return to his high standards of early 2004.
• Steppa had a strong game. He once again showed quick hands and timing to put the Duck away down the left wing for a try. He does annoy me though, when he gets in the clear and doesn’t pass to support with good try scoring opps breaking down. It has happened a couple of times this year and last. It either means that he is too self confident that he can get to the line himself or he doesn’t have the confidence to pass the ball accurately at pace.
• Every week seems to be a test of a different sort for the team. Let’s hope they don’t get “caught in the headlights� (or floodlights) on Friday.
• The Souths supporters around us were less feral than with past experiences. My faith was restored though, when we were in the car outside Brookie and four of the Burrow faithful were getting in their car. A couple of 18 year old Eagle supporters were walking by and giving them lip about how embarrassing it would be to wear their jerseys. This set one of them right off. She screeched and squawked back them and was still going off after getting in her car. Years of bitter hatred were showing in her screwed up face. Beautiful to watch!
• Wasn’t it refreshing to not have to listen to any of the Fox commentators (Daley’s not the only annoyance). Channel nine seemed to be going out of their way to make it a Manly lovefest! We may as well take it while we can.
• 2GB took a call after the game. The bloke was a Manly supporter living in Newcastle. He was gloating about putting $20 on Newcastle for the spoon at 44 to 1 at the start of the season. He then claimed to be Daniel Abraham’s brother in law. Hadley told him that he’ll have trouble getting out of his house after giving out that info.
• 11 out of the squad of 17 have crossed for tries in the last two games.
• I love Williamson’s toughness. Geddes ran at him in the second half with a full head of steam. He took the hit front on without conceding ground and then wrestled him straight to the deck.
• Des deserves a wrap for what has been achieved so far. I had serious doubts about his coaching ability after the defence remained crap all through last season. The game plan that we are employing is straight forward but it suits our team. My only concern is that it depends heavily on good ball control. A plan B is needed for when handling is poor (ie: v. Dragons).
• It feels good looking down from the top. We just need to keep things in perspective. A top eight finish would have done me at the start of the season and anything else is a bonus. We definitely still have improvement in us so some of the other teams are going to have to improve a whole lot more.
i love these posts and was wonering when this one was coming ut. top work mate
Good summary Bradza, I cannot argue with anything there except there would have to have been more than one feral rabbit at Brookie.

I reckon it is great to see all the Manly jersys on the hill and more than one person has mentioned how many "new" jersys there are in the crowd.
Even Daniel the tight ass bought a Manly jersey and wore it with pride
thats true. i have the frequent flyer miles to make the trip but I am going to do the right thing by my GF for once and stay at home. But I am watching that bad boy on TV I dont care what she says
Thanks for another great read mate.

very much in agreeance - especially hicks. He made 2 good defensive efforts and a great/lucky attacking effort for willo's try. Willo has played much better the last 2 weeks.
Bradza, you really put the day in a nutshell. Well done.

Although you did miss the important part, Igor carrying the "fortress Brookvale" banner :D
I didn't see Igor with the sign at the game but I did briefly see you guys with your noggins on channel 9 holding it up at the back of the hill!

It was only quick but still gives some free advertising. AE has now gone global!

Who else is finding it hard to concentrate on work ahead of the HUGE game tomorrow?
Can't wait for the game to start. It's killing me - though fortunately in my workplace (a school) Manly has become the flavour of the day. Fans (and the haters) are coming out of the woodwork everywhere!

We're back!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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