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Nudie Run 2020

Chip and Chase

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Nov 17, 2004
Have been a bit tardy with getting the annual Nudie Run thread up and running this year. 2 rounds down, but only 1 try scorer so far anyway. No surprise Tommy is off the duck early. Less rounds this year to avoid the streak too, so going to be tough on those lumbering buffalo in the middle

Tom Trbojevic - R2
Jorge Taufua - R3
Brad Parker - R3
Moses Suli
Reuben Garrick - R3
Dylan Walker
Daly Cherry-Evans
Jake Trbojevic
Curtis Sironen - R3
Joel Thompson
Martin Taupau
Danny Levi
Addin Fonua-Blake
Lachlan Croker
Sean Keppie
Morgan Boyle
Haumole Olakau'atu
Corey Waddell
Taniela Paseka

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