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NSW Selections - Backrow, Trent Merrin

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Killer03, May 22, 2016.

  1. Killer03

    Killer03 Well-Known Member

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    I see today Gus coming out and trumpeting Trent Merrin, and whilst Gus does push the Panthers, what is the obsessin with Merrin? He seems to be a walk up start each year for NSW, but I just don't get why?

    He's not a bad player, but I certainly don't see how he is seen as an automatic selection for NSW.

    Now I push the case constantly for Jake, and I am unashamedly biased, but I see Jake as offering so much more, and yet he seems to have been forgotten about in the NSW discussion.
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    • Fluffy

      Fluffy Well-Known Member

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      Merrin lacks impact at SOO level and is too much like Gallen (and Jake for that matter).

      I would pick Gallen first (better than Merrin), Jake second (Gallens replacement and has 10 years ahead of him) and Merrin third. They are all fighting over max 2 positions possibly only 1.

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