NSW = No class

[quote author=Matabele]
Better you reside in the most over rated city in the world with the highest per capita ratio of wankers and poofs.

You fit right in.

Beats living with the highest per capita if beastialitists and peadophiles
Yeah, but Howard reckons he's going to fix the NT up. :D
[quote author=Fluffy]
[quote author=Matabele]
[quote author=Fluffy]
of coarse, anything more than that and you morons would not understand.

1 qeustion, how much did you pay the ref tonight? He was on a lot by the looks of it but maybe [he had] has a case of the Orfords?

:naughty: :naughty: :naughty:

My boy in year two can spell and punctuate better than that.

"maybe [he had] has"

Guess he will be in year 2 again next year.

No - he'd pass his comprehension test ahead of you too. The brackets are to show "he had" is to replace the following word "has".

This gives correct tense.

Still is present tense as its the same day
[quote author=Duff]
Beach, who goes to the beach ?
I've lived 5mins away from DY & Longy my whole life & haven't been in 15 years.

The more poofs, the less competition for the chicks (that's the comfort I give myself).
Your move.

Who goes to the beach? Are you kidding? People with lives Duff, but I guess you don't know what your missing if you don't have it to begin with.

People with lives aren't up for the beach. They're sleeping off the big night they had & in preparation for the next one.
Why go to the beach when you can visit an art gallery or sleep off a hangover & prepare for the next biggy. Life happens at night boyo, or are you too old to remember ?
I don't see too many bands or killer partys happening at no beach yo'.
yeah, i'm younger duff.

I've just had to grow up a lot quicker than I expected.

Forgive me if I seem a little detached.
I intend to be in my 20's long into my 50's. Sydney or Melbs is the place to do that. Not Brisvegas.
I don't see too many bands or killer partys happening at no beach yo'.

That's because you live in a freezing cold and god-forsaken state.

Happens all the time in Townsville.
You're such a duche. Haha.
What are you basing that on ? Every point must have some form of basis in reality.
Sounds like a typical lack of class to me.

And Mata, you talk about cold weather & coke habbits like they're bad things ???????

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