NSW Libs prove soooo inspiring

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Winging it
In a period where Labor has disappointed the electorate in just about every facet (think roads, trains, utility infrastructure, scandals etc etc) the Libs just can't seem to find a winner.

A bit over a year ago when it was Carr vs Brogden i would have plonked any amount of money on the Libs to get home. Moving forward to today and Labor has one of the most wishy-washy premiers ever seen running with a slogan of "we know we are bad but we are trying".

Mr Debnam has succeeded in handing Labor an increased supporter base and is absolutely plummeting in the polls. The latest released policy of pandering to the top rich 2% by reducing land tax is completely symptomatic of how they think. Way to go Libs!
I will be interested to see if Costa's claim that he Iemma, Tripodi & Sartor are being targeted not because of incompetence but beacause they are "wogs" helps the Libs
problems is brogden was a crook, and hence got caught out. He should have had the boot years ago for his dealing with a law firm as a "teacher"

One thing about debnam - he has made me want to be a public servant, 20,000 job losses and 30 billion in pledges to be funded from it - thats an average salary of $1.36M each, including an RDO every fortnight.

but seriously - we as a state will end up in huge debt and need to stop spending again, just as we did after greiner's reign of terror (who funnily enough is one of debnam's advisors) No doubt this is long forgotton by now
to be honest flip, as much as i like my state i dont believe they run the country - i think you will find the federal gaverment has the biggest hand in that

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