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NSW intrust cup Manly v Wyong

Fibro Eagle

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Jan 18, 2015
ISP NSW Report: Manly v Wyong
Paul Arandale

Sat 9th April, 04:45PM

TRY-A-THON: 70 points were scored in the Roos' loss to the Sea Eagles

Manly-Warringah picked up their second win of the season in a high scoring game, defeating Wyong 40-30.

It took a while for the Sea Eagles to get going, but once they did they were the better side. It didn’t look good early on though with Wyong getting off to the perfect start with a try in the second set of the match. After getting through their first set, a mistake by Manly gifted the Roos their first try with prop Paki Afu scoring from the next set. Kauri Aupouri converted the try to give Wyong a 6-nil lead after three minutes.

The Sea Eagles regrouped and hit back shortly after thanks to Peter Schuster. Hugh Pratt added the extras to lock it up at 6-all after 10 minutes.

Wyong hit back five minutes later with Dominic Reardon making a break and linking up with Charlie Taylor to score, but then it was the Sea Eagles turn to score, with Brayden Williams running 30 metres to the line.

Wyong led 12-10 after a 25 minutes in what was a funny game. Neither team looked interested in defence and it was taking a while for both teams to settle into their patterns.

It was Manly who would settle the best though, with Peta Godinet and Feleti Mateo linking well creating havoc for the Roos defence. The Sea Eagles soon had the lead with Williame scoring his second of the day, running through Wyong’s defensive line. Manly led 14-12 with 10 to go in the first half.

It was Mateo’s turn to do it all himself, a little show and go, dummy, spin and off he went to score a lovely individual try. Hugh Pratt put the visitors further in front with a nice kick to make it 20-12.

Wyong needed something and they found it through Zane Tetevano with a couple of strong carries and an offload for to Jai Ingram. Aupouri converted the try and the margin was two points as the half time siren rang.

The second half began almost like the first, but this time it was the Wyong fullback making the mistake, which allowed Manly to score off the next set. Picking up his hat-trick was Brayden Williame and Manly extended their lead thanks to Pratt giving the Sea Eagles a 26-18 lead.

Both teams were still guilty of dropping of tackles, but the Sea Eagles looked better in attack with Mateo leading the way. Manly celebrated again with Williames scoring his fourth try of the day. Pratt added the extras again for Manly to lead by 14 with 30 minutes to play.

Five minutes later Manly had their seventh try with James Tuitahi diving over in the corner.

Just when the game looked to be in the bag for Manly, Wyong hit back with Ingram barging his way over for his second try. Aupouri was having a great day with the boot, converting the Ingram try to reduce the Sea Eagles lead to 14.

Manly were reduced to 12 men when Ben Fritz was sent to the sin bin for holding Reardon down for too long after the centre made an exceptional break. The Roos made them pay with big Paki Afu scoring his second of the match. Aupouri added the extra and it was an 8 point ball game with 14 to play.

As the clock ticked down there were a few hairy moments for both sides, but Manly would hang on for their second win of the season. Pratt finished it off with a penalty goal to make the final score 40-30 to the Sea Eagles.

The Who

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Jun 29, 2010
There were a lot of "hit backs' in this report. I thought it was an automatic send off for punching?
Great to read our whipping boy scored four meat pies. I think he's found his correct standard.

double hoops

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Aug 27, 2013
Your all to hard Williame. Unlucky to have never had a win yes, but he hasn't been that bad for us this year.

Interesting that Tetevano is out of jail and playing Wyong. I believe he was our best forward during last year's pre-season. He would be cheap. If we paid for his lawyers bill I am a bit surprised he isn't wearing Maroon and White in reserves this year. He could easy play second row.


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Jun 12, 2015
Also very good to see Matato featuring prominently in this win :) I'd live to see him fight his way back into the first grade side


Living in the demountable.
Jul 26, 2014
I read that first line:

TRY-A-THON: 70 points were scored in the Roos'

and immediately thought oh god Willo's found a new low - we've been pumped by 70!

Hamster Huey

Space Invader
Jun 23, 2010
The underrated Stromquist keeps showing his detractors from Manly what fools they were for releasing him!

Ah, that's right....he's the 'enforcer' bought by Wynnum-Manly to help them to a 0-5 start in 2016, leaving them to prop up the QRL table.

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