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NSW Cup vs Windsor and Toyota cup vs NZ

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Darren, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Darren

    Darren Well-Known Member

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    Long day, just got home, 3 grades and kick off was 1pm.

    NSW Cup: Great win 32-26 in a nail biter vs Windsor (Penrith)

    Some talent today including: Dean Whare, Liam Foran, Gary Riccardi at half, Darcy Lussick, Daniel Harrison, James Cunningham and Matt Cross. Windsor had Buddy Gordon, Arana Taumata, Sandor Earl and Ioesfa the gun hooker.

    Going thru:
    Daniel Harrison showed his running and passing game more today and set up at least 2 tries I saw. Did a ton of work and stood out.
    Matt Cross: played extra well, loads of yards in runs, hit hard and was revving up the boys even when being replaced. Really showed lots of heart and may be seeing Mauro and Robinson taking his spot and has got his butt into gear!! Great competition for Des. Cross really played well today and will give us another front row option with form like today!!

    James Cunningham the prop continues to disappoint me!Such a big kid and some of us thought maybe a bench spot with Des at start of the year, will have to lift form, seems to be going thru motions. Cross and Palau were much more effective.
    Whare didn't do much, didn't get alot of ball.
    Riccardi the half continues to play top footy each week. Again set up the winning try with a kick that bamboozled Windsor. He will be an interesting proposition next year for Des I think.
    Kyle Lodge scored 2 but just doesn't stand out, took his tries nicely but no hope of taking Matai's left centre spot anyway.
    Liam Foran: solid player but nothing special, nice kicking game, good organiser but real Jeff Robson type.
    Darcy Lussick: went well, lots of tackles but wish he could break the line for such a big guy. Hard to say what will happen to him. Wonderful build but doesn't really stand out at this stage.
    Junior Palau: my ole favourite: coming off bench for NSW Cup: Huge kid (really) but hasn't got the aggression to intimidate (like in juniors) If he was a bit quicker he would be dynamite.

    Toyota Cup vs NZ
    Saw why we are near the bottom, pretty average team as a whole but a couple of top kids so will write about them.

    Well done Crusher, some 5-6 top kids in Toytota cup. Matts and SG Ball didn't make top 8 today and that is first time in a while.

    Fullback: Jorge Taufa: Came from Paramatta. Gee, what a find, dynamite running and made huge yards all over the park. Really stood out, big kid and quick too! Will be interesting to watch.
    Gun winger: Patrick Sipley (ala Eric Grothe) Only 18!! Recruited from NZ. Wow, what a find, huge kid with speed to burn, always looking for the ball, made big runs and had potential all over him. Check him out.
    Back row: Lock Haami Kerr, Tim Burrell and Beau Bovis: All worked really hard and Burrell scored a great try. These 3 could kick on, all did great things and played smart footy.
    Prop: Magnus Stromquist: Outstanding defence, made some try savers. Did hear from very relaible source that Des thinks very highly of him and that other clubs are chasing him. He is only 19 and 100% dedicated to footy!! Built like Webcke and is working on his speed to help him further.

    Not so good: I see half Josh Drinkwater has been mentioned, did score a nice try but gave some hospital balls, ordinary play.
    State centre: Josh Portlock: Made state team 2 years ago as a centre but was poor again today. His opposition toweled him today and I had high hopes for Josh. He hasn't got much bigger and seems this nice centre, not too fast etc but hasn't progressed.
  2. Darren

    Darren Well-Known Member

    +560 /20
    as saw in first grade last night, plenty of kids can step up, especially for injuries
  3. manlyfan

    manlyfan Member

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    Was a great effort by the boys I thought in NSW Cup, was good to see Seuseu still giving 100% despite being dropped. Toyota cup was a solid effort too, good fight back from the Manly guys unfortunately just couldn't do the job.

    Had to think but while watching NSW Cup, at the start of the season we feared about depth but we have it in spades. Riccardi was very impressive, as was Chapman and Lodge. Cunningham was impressive as always too! Here were the match reports from the Manly site..

    NSW Cup

    Toyota Cup

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