NRL's 17th Team - The (Redcliffe) dolphins

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Let's hope, I'm sure they do (but Newcastle has a pretty decent nursery) in a few years when the Bromwich boys and Kafusi are a bit older they have the team to keep up this momentum.


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Reports in the Telecrap this morning that Dolphins are operating $2mill below salary cap and will be front loading some contracts this year ... which will give them a HUGE advantage in the player market for the next couple of years ..

Old man Bennett has delivered a masterclass on recruitment and team building ... how the hell he did it without the "Recruitment Guru" Scott Fulton helping, I'll never know.

40 nil

It's only a game ...
Old man Bennett has delivered a masterclass on recruitment and team building ...
He's done very well. A major factor in attracting players is, no doubt, Bennett himself. I am sure many players want to be coached by him. If not for untimely suspensions (e.g. Kaufusi) and injuries, they could be higher up the ladder. The amazing thing is that the Dolphins looked like an established NRL team in their very first game.


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Farnworth, Flegler, Averillo next year.

Katoa a season of experience.

Things moving in the right direction


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the league needs them to be successful in order to pave the way for future expansion.

I have no problem with them as a club - and I firmly believe there is enough talent to go around!
Team P W L PD Pts
16 13 3 125 32
16 11 5 116 28
17 11 6 225 26
17 11 6 125 26
16 9 7 65 24
16 9 7 48 24
17 9 7 67 23
17 9 8 1 22
17 9 8 -56 22
17 8 9 -81 20
16 7 9 -93 20
17 7 9 -32 19
17 7 10 9 18
16 6 10 -59 18
16 6 10 -104 18
17 4 13 -153 12
17 4 13 -203 12
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