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Journey Man
Yeah I have which is why I refuse to jump on the bash Bennett bandwagon.

I trust Hasler reads his copy at least every six months.


hahaha, yeah well if you've read my posts you would know that i am pro bennett too

P.s - i'm not implying you haven't read my posts just saying!

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
With all this talk about "negativity" here, I thought i best re-engineer the comments I made in my post earlier in this thread.

To take a scene out of Maxwell Smart......
"I hope I wasnt out of line with that crack about a camel turd in your coffee"


First Grader
I have met Wayne Bennett and he is nothing like any of you have said. Byso has come out with yet another uneducated, uninformed statement. He is a private and humble man. He, like Phil Gould use the media to their advantage which is why they are not liked. If you asked his players (past and present) i think you will find that they all like and respect him.

I don't care if you've done with him.

I said Most people in NSW wouldn't give a toss about Bennet. I'm sure most QLDers love him! Obviously he's a good coach look at his record, with all those champion players :clap:


Journey Man
Were they champions when he first came acroos them at 17?

If you bothered to read the book Byso you'd find the man has a holistic commitment to his personnel that is admirable and achieves results.


First Grader
I'm sure he's fabulous my point is he wouldn't be missed by most people in NSW!

Can you dispute that?

The Fonz

Reserve Grader
I'm sure he's fabulous my point is he wouldn't be missed by most people in NSW!

Can you dispute that?

I'll dispute that. How can you speak for everyone in NSW?

Another uninformed and uneducated view from Byso.

I have also read his book and attended a dinner in which he spoke. Did you know he is also a motivational speaker?


First Grader
I'm sure he's all those things Fonz..............When he wants to! But when he is to be held accountable he runs.

btw I don't speek for "everyone" I said most.

"Another uninformed and uneducated view from Byso." zzzzzzzzzzzz!

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