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Jul 16, 2004
When descibing Steven Bell last night, some interesting statistics were bought up about our team. Manly's centres have scored less tries than ANY other centre combination in the NRL. Infact, It has been numerous years since a centre combination at this time of the year have scored LESS tries.

Steven Bell will no doubt improve this. BUT, the lack of tries being scored is attributed to lack of quality balls from the dummy 1/2, and in more particular, the 1/2's combination.

What worries me though, is that we are going from a winger that has a strike rate of 1 try per 2.2 games to a player that scores 1 try in 4.07 games. Currently, without any more purchases, our side might look like this next year:-

Our attack REALLY lacks in the opposition attacking zone. A memory flashes back to me of Monnas passing the ball to Brent Kite, who systematically gets smashed, as it was a hospital pass. Brent Kite got up to play the ball, looked around at Monnas, and just shook his head in a kind of resigned fashion. (It's no wonder he doesn't have the confidence he had when he was at The Saints).

01. Brett Stewart (Great attacker, shy under the high ball, decent defender)
02. Michael Robertson (lacks experience, ability to score. Improvement in defence)
03. Ashley Alberts (GREAT attacker, lacks in defence at times. Probably lacks confidence)
04. Steven Bell (ALL class - Age a worry. Won't be getting any faster)
05. Chris Hicks (Looks as though motivation is gone. Needs a HUGE improvement)
06. Michael Witt (Improving, young - lacks attacking flare. A sound 1/2 would improve this)
07. Michael Monaghan
08. Brent Kite (Very solid. He also needs to step up a cog though. We KNOW what he can do)
09. Luke Williamson (Good attacker, good defender. All round player)
10. Jason King (Needs to get match fit. Lacks pace. Poor attacker. Fair defender at times)
11. Anthony Watmough (GREAT player in 2005. He will only improve to push for rep spots)
12. Steve Menzies (Confidence player. When the team are travelling well, he fires, when not so well?)
13. Ben Kennedy (Not getting any faster, but gives players confidence. We need him)

14. Shayne Dunley (Improved this year. Good defence, great attack.) - gives away silly penalties.
15. Sam Harris (Very Good & Very Bad - needs consistency)
16. Kylie Leuleuai (Needs to be more effective in defence (stick more) makes more metres than most of the other forwards (props)
17. Daniel Heckenberg (we need SOMETHING from him next year. Lacks speed & variety, but makes up for it by his metre gains.

I think we will struggle with the current roster. Injuries will destroy us. We are going backwards in attack.

With Donald, Randall, and at full strength, I think our defence will IMPROVE.

The Wheel

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Jul 15, 2004
I had to laugh about Paul Greens tip for the weekend. He said the Dragons have a great record at Brookvale and beat Manly by 70 point s there one day.

He got the records mixed up the dopey prick. Teh Dragons have a shockign record at Brookie onky winning about 1 or 1 games in the last 20 yrs and Manly beat them 61 to 0 about 10 yrs ago.


May 12, 2005
You gotta be kidding mate how is brett stewart just a decent defender the guy is a great defender ive seen him tackle guys twice the size of him one on one guys that bk would fall off to save tries you shall bow to him


Apr 11, 2005
What a dill Paul Green is.I was there that day for the 61-0 game.Man everything Manly touched turned to gold.Ian Robert's slayed the Dragon's that day & Sir Cliff was sublime...


Jul 15, 2004
i actually have to agree with eagles on that point,i think his defense is one of his strengths,right on the line its not as good but his size dictates that.


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May 10, 2005
Brett Stewart is overrated in attack, he has nothing unless there's nobody in front of him, all his line breaks are from clever offloads.

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