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NRL- Management RANT!!!

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by c eagle, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. c eagle

    c eagle Well-Known Member

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    My option is that I'm dirty at the game in general..... Nrl is a **** farce, they come in take over a clubs, throw truck loads of cash to pilfer our star half which we nurtured , arrange huge third party deals for him and reinstate there drug dealing roster and expect us to just lump it, all so they don't fail in an area they consider a league strong hold....... And this is the same governing body which wouldn't help us retain a long serving player in Glenn Stewart . Our board is just another whole **** fight, we have a CEO and head coach apparently which can't come to an agreement on player recruitment , and leaves our head coach high and dry on national tv. I don't blame DCE or Foran for moving on , they received better offers elsewhere.... What gets to me as a supporter of this club of ours is that our useless management couldn't even manage to jag one of the two, which no matter how much bull**** they try and spoon feed us, we are going to be left with a massive hole, we just lost 2 halves which represent there country's...... Unforgivable mistake that someone's head should be rolling for, but who's accountable?. The other issue which will continue to hurt us this year is the fact we have two halves already signed up and thinking of what's around the corner already, they cannot be thinking manly 2015 campaign 100%, ones already doing the ring around recruiting for next season.
    Until our club sorts its **** out, we will continue to go backwards, you won't entice marquee players to a **** fight like this any time soon, unless you call lui or Kelly marquee players.
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  2. globaleagle

    globaleagle Je saisis mon chapeau. Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    We didn't start the fire
    It was always burning
    Since the world's been turning
    We didn't start the fire
    No we didn't light it
    But we tried to fight it
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    • Eaglessss

      Eaglessss Active Member

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      Our current CEO and owners have no idea what so ever about football or trying to manage a successful club.
      Yeah the past board may have had a few fights that was leaked to the papers (by we all know who) but they got the job done, and a good one at that. DCE and Foran were almost signed until these imbiciles took over and offered 2 of our best players less then what they deserve. The numbers 6 & 7 in any team are the play makers and deserve to be paid a good wage. They are targeted players!
      People say that the problems started when Gifty left, this is not true! Gifty has never said a bad word about our club and he seems happy and looks the fittest he ever has while playing for Souths.
      The problem started when the Penns took over solely. They dislike Tooves and cause trouble amongst him and the players. A good example of this is not keeping him in the loop of who is coming and going! And also going behind his back to hold a secret meeting which I have heard about. Absolute disgrace. They are shifty and sly.
      Then a new board was elected!! God help us... What have they done? NOTHING! Sold the Leagues Club, Stopped tickets going to people who deserve them and are also talking about taking our game to Gosford! Can you believe it?
      Do you think that any of the $16million profit that was made on the Leagues club will go back into the Manly team? I highly doubt it! Maybe some of that money could help our juniors so we have a solid team coming through the ranks. Maybe if there was stability in our club DCE and Foran would have stayed. To be honest with you I would have left to, the direction the club is now going in is not 1 I would like to be involved in if I was a player!
      I say bring back the old board, sell out the Penn's, boot the CEO and keep Tooves.
      IN TOOVES WE TRUST! Then maybe we would be able to retain the players and have a harmonious club with one that is is not scrutanised in the media by a big fat leak that we currently have at the club. A disease that won't go away, but eats all our pies and food and they wonder why they have to cut down on tickets because of budget!!! How about you take his food away, that would save thousand a home game!
    • The Who

      The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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      The Leagues Club made $16-M profit?
      That's news to me.
      You are now confusing it with the sale of the League Club, are you?
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      • Eaglessss

        Eaglessss Active Member

        +112 /7
        No the Penns made $16 million profit by selling the Leagues club premises
      • ManlyBacker

        ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

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        I hate to break the news to you @Eaglessss but the Leagues Club premises has nothing to do with MWSE. As a result of debt and a previous LC board it was sold to another party, that happens to be the Penns. I didn't support that sale and individuals on the LC board now hold other offices within the Sea Eagle structure, but not associated with the Penns. Do your homework as I'm not going to spell it out on here because I will be harassed.

        What I see after almost a decade of self-centred individuals throwing the club under a bus to further their own ambition, is pretty much the same self-centred individuals willing to throw Manly under a bus to further their own ambitions. There is a continuation of lies, contorted semi-truths and vicious attempts to manipulate.

        You would hope that somewhere in all this might be folks who put the club above themselves and work for a common goal. But after all this time I am yet to see it. For genuine fans who just want a successful club, and I count myself as one of those, we are constantly let down but petty self interest.
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        • MPC75

          MPC75 Well-Known Member

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          I know recent events hurt, but have faith. Management didn't think our halves should be paid what they have been offered elsewhere and frankly I agree with them. They are solid players but not superstars. Since they have been in 1st grade they have been playing in a super star team which has driven their value up. Talent wise they are not in the top 5, but pay wise they now are. We need a balanced team, not a team where 2 are taking up a 1/3 of our cap.

          Penrith are a good example of a balanced team, their haves are probably considered average amongst most people, but I believe they will give Souths a run for their money this year.
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          • wombatgc

            wombatgc Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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            Couldn't agree more. You can only live in hope.@:worried:
          • sheridanstand78

            sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

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            The NRL has ensured double standards by not condemning the Gold Coast for bringing the game into disrepute over recent events up there.

            Losing DCE to them was ensured by the extras the NRL said that would guarantee!

            The biggest mistake from last year was not to bring things to a head in July, after the dragons game when Whatmough said his piece to Weidler on the eve of that game about player discontent. We missed the boat there and that sowed the seeds for Foran and Whatmough to want to leave.

            Manly must learn the lessons from this and understand that it was weak management that has allowed the vultures to come in.

            A smart thing is for the club to get our young players signed and find some young halves who can get the job done. Maybe one experienced one to keep things stable.

            A lot has been said by all of us of the loss of our halves, I as much as anyone have been critical of the whole thing. Joe Kelly I think needs to remind both halves that we have till the end of the season that their committment is to Manly and not their new clubs, The focus has to be on the team. I fear we are going to have an up and down year. It has taken to round 4 for Manly to be able to enjoy a stable preparation for a game without any of the BS we have seen of late.

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