NRL in Las Vegas


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Poor guy - has a lot of injuries
Never feel sorry for the opposition feathered friend

As they only run out on the field against us to bash us and hurt us and humiliate us in front of our supporters and their supporters

This poor guy good guys attitude must stop
Our Legendary Manly club has a proud record of being hated and despised
and we must hold fast to our proud tradition .


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With Wighton and Graham both out for Souths our backline might have a field day in Vegas if they click.
Souths famous Walker-inspired sweeping backline moves may be inhibited anyway by the narrow field, and ours probably will be too. I reckon we'll be aiming to attack them right through the middle. Turbo to be MoM.

double hoops

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In the video above the narrow field really impacts wingers. In all seriousness a team Might be better off playing with 3 fullbacks and actually give the centre in the line some room. Really need to go through the middle. The middle. Then the middle.

Think we call it grid league it will be a hybrid on that pitch.

double hoops

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Are Souths employing Qld origin tactics? Everyone is sick, injured, MIA. Sneaky buggers trying to get our Man boys all complacent. Second guess who they'll be lining up against. Click bait. Paper sales. Boo Whoo.

Regardless of who miraculously recovers after the high altitude training in the US Rusty arranged.

Our Eagles need to show up ready.

It just means Souths are scared boys. You've got em nervous already.


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This is actually excellent.
I agree. And my US in laws that coming with me to watch thought it was great. My sister in law wanted to know how the players weren't dead or vegetables. She also thought the "play the ball" was a "delicate" move. Something about the bloke having his head up the other blokes bum @:D

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