NRL free to air games

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Just reading the Sunday Tele and Wilson mentions in one of her paragraphs that "the Friday night double header is guaranteed" which I took to mean that there will be 2 games on each Friday night of the regular season. Can anyone confirm this?


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Yeah, there'll be an extra game each week with the admission of the Titans.

Wilson doing her best to be a gossip columnist extraordinaire, I notice she keep harking to a club CEO having it off with one of his co-workers.

How pleasant it must be for the 14 innocent club CEOs to be smeared with one big wide brush. One would think she'd have the intestinal fortitude to name the club involved, don't you?

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It aint Steve Rogers so that narrows it down to 14 clubs!!! A disgruntled ex-player also fires up the gossip. Pity Rebecca doesn't print the gossip about her as there tends to be a few juicy things said behind closed doors about her that are less than squeaky clean!

The new NRL TV rights come in for 2007 and there are two Friday night games followiing each other.

I would love to see the NRL with the rights to pick what games are on free to air and to have control over the scheduling instead of Channel 9. The AFL does this and all clubs get a chance for coverage. (Manly got good exposure last year but the Tigers hardly saw anything till late in the season) Keeps fans and sponsors happy, is fairer on all involved and it means the game is promoted rather than the same two or three clubs.


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I personally think Channel 9 games stink. Ads, ads, ads. I have to wait until the replay on Fox to record it, and Foxtell cut out too much. I just love it when Ray says, "lets take a break", and Fox doesn't. It's like I've got a small victory over him and ads...hehehehe...

I've got a sad little life don't I !!! Hahahahaha...

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