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The Wheel

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Jul 15, 2004

I often wonder about this site, overall I think it is OK but a few things have peeved me slighlty.

The above link takes you to a photo of Terry Hill in the Manly section essentially about his meeting with Des today. Old Tezza is Souths gear at what appears to be a fan day with south supporters.

There is mention of the upcoming Roosters fan day on the main news page but nothing on Manly's open day this evening.

Ben Macdougall photo is still shown on the Manly page and he left the club at the end of 2003.

You would think the main site for Rugby League would be slighlty more professional and be able to provide some recent photos.
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Canteen Worker

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Jul 15, 2004
It may be that the Roosters club asked for them to place that on their page and the Manly club did not. Someone should have done that!

NRL.com had the Northern Eagles logo for ages after they died and were pretty ordinary about a few other things as well!

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