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NRL coaches back Trent Robinson

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by mozgrame, May 5, 2016.

  1. mozgrame

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    IT cost him $40,000 to make his point, but it looks like Trent Robinson’s Anzac Day blow up about diving was money well spent.

    On Wednesday NRL coaches gave support to the Roosters coach’s stance to stop the bunker picking up on incidents of foul play that currently encourages players to stay down and milk penalties.

    Rugby league fans will also be encouraged that finally some common sense might lead to another overdue rule change relating to on-field referees being forced to guess on crucial “try” or “no-try” calls before sending their decisions to the bunker.

    The other significant news to come out of the NRL coaches meeting was a recommendation to introduce extra time in this year’s finals series following last year’s grand final controversy.

    Wayne Bennett called for a fairer system to decide big end of season matches and it looks like his views will now be endorsed.

    Under the new proposal, five minutes extra time each way would be played in the event of a draw in all finals matches before the game goes to golden point if needed to decide a winner.

    Parramatta legend Peter Sterling launched his own stinging attack on the rising culture this week after Jamie Lyon’s Academy Award-winning effort last weekend against the Cowboys.

    Sterling said of Lyon’s performance: “If I had done that or a Parramatta player had done that Jack Gibson would have dropped us.

    “Wouldn’t it be nice to think this could be player led, that the players would have enough character not to do it.

    “We used to laugh at soccer players doing it.”

    The three potential changes will now go before the NRL competition committee next week.

    Robinson wore the wrath of NRL boss Todd Greenberg and Dragons coach Paul McGregor for his fiery post-match media conference on Anzac Day after the bunker intervened to penalise Dylan Napa for a high shot.

    But Robinson has since received plenty of support that diving is a scourge on the game that has to be eliminated.

    But the overwhelming view of the coaches was that if on-field officials miss an alleged act of foul play, then it should be left up to the match review panel to determine punishment — and not the bunker.

    The controversial “try” and “no-try” calls have also been a minefield for the on-field referees who are forced to make a verdict on crucial decisions they sometimes have no idea about.

    Many believe it would be far better for the on-field referee to send it to the bunker without a judgment if the referee has no clear view.

    That who then not force the bunker to find sufficient evidence to overturn a decision, but it could simply rule on what the video evidence suggests.

    But the coaches now need the NRL’s competition committee to rubber stamp the changes next week.

    Meanwhile the NRL announced that Ivan Cleary would now be a consultant to assist with match review charges as well as judiciary and refereeing issues.

    The match review committee will also now lay charges against players within 24 hours of each match from round 10, to give clubs maximum notice of any charges they face.

    In addition, each match will be reviewed by at least two match review committee members, instead of one, to provide a second view on each incident.

    The meeting also debated the current obstruction rules before endorsing the current system.

  2. double hoops

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    I don't understand the logic of wanting a system where the on field ref does not have to have an opinion.

    So if it goes up stairs unknown on field.
    And then Bunker can't see the ball to know if it was grounded or not. Does the bunker just guess? Or are we just going back to a refs call and wasting time for more KFC because, your bring this in so the ref doesn't tell us what he would have awarded if he had to in the first place.

    Dam I am old fashioned. But this is a human game, and should involve human mistakes.

    Please piss off the video ref all together and just give us an on field ref who makes decisions.

    How amazing was this game when attending a game contained sports theatre. It's almost been completely lost. Your team crosses the goal line now and we go so what, what's the video going to do.

    Now kids just sit and wait for that video, by the time its awarded, who cares!!!! the excitement of a try has gone. Video ref is and will kill this game.
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