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NRL Club Social Forums:

Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by Matabele, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    A selection of the latest thread titles and first postings from the Social Forums of NRL clubs:

    Canterbury Bulldogs:

    Pioneer or Roxson – wot goez betta in ur Excel?

    So boyz I woz wondrn if yoos have a pioneer or a roxson beatbox?  I hve a roxson n its fully sik!

    Melbourne Storm:

    Collingwood or Carlton – who do you hate more?

    Still awaiting translation from Melbourne.  Please note there is no NRL related thread on the Storm Forum.

    Penrith Panthers:

    Hot tips to beat the pokies:

    Wot is everyones way of beeting the pokies?  N remember, if u lose u still win by supporting this great club of ours win anover spoon.

    Newcastle Knights:

    I want to have Andrew Johns love child.

    I love Johnsy so much i would not even care if it turns out a mutant coz of his steroid and drug use coz it will fit right in here in Newie. 

    Canberra Raiders:

    What will you do on this week’s flexi day?

    I’m getting a bit tired of my monthly rotation of War Memorial, Questacon, National Library and Museum.  Is there anything else to do?

    Next post: “No”

    Parramatta Eels:

    There is no forum as it is well known that all Eels fans are illiterate.

    St George Illawarra:

    Where were you in 1979?

    I was born in 1980.  Can someone tell me what it’s like to win a premiership?

    South Sydney Rabbitohs:


    Does anyone know where I can get a new supply?  My dealer has just been put in jail.

    North Queensland Cowboys:

    Flinders Street Rocks!

    How good is our part of the world?  Nothin’ beats a sticky warm blanket night watching the bogans fight on the pavements in Flinders Street.  Yeeeeehhhaaaaaaaah!

    New Zealand Warriors:

    Wot u going to do with ya government compensation?

    So da white toolz r gonna pay us $140m.  Whot u gonna do with ur slice of the pie Cuz?

    Cronulla Sharks:

    Lara Bingle says it all:

    U just hav 2 look at this blue eyed, blond hair beooty wif her enhanced rack 2 know that white englo Saxons are the master race.

    Manly Sea Eagles:

    Spit Bridge:

    When was the last time you made it to that rat hole Mosman inside thirty minutes?

    Brisbane Broncos:

    When did K Hunt last sleep with you?

    Had a great time with him in a cubicle at City Rowers last night.  U should have seen the line at the door waiting for me to finish though!

    Sydney Roosters:

    Impact of the recession:

    How much has your house price dropped this year?  And is it impacting on your social life and drug use?

    Wests Tigers:

    Sponsors product:

    Did any of you that bought a Proton to support our Tiges still have it?  Like, did it last any longer than 6 months?

    Gold Coast Titans:

    Life changes:

    I’ve just moved here from Melbourne.  Can anyone tell me the best place to get breast enhancement surgery, a fake tan and bleached hair?
  2. Fro

    Fro Well-Known Member

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    No St George Illawarra fan knows what it's like for that team to win a premiership. they are still on 0

    And Mossman is in North Qld, doing well to make it there within 30min.

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