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**** that was woeful tonight, our display just about matched Archers. I suppose we were due for a shocker and it had to happen during the year though.

Our attack is a bit of a concern even if the stats dont show it. We are continually getting into position to lay on some good attack but keep inventing new ways to butcher them. Am looking forward to the day Orford stands up and takes the attack by the scruff of the neck, he just isnt able to do it at the moment, but you can see he is trying. Must admit their defence was the best we have played against this year too. Matai in the centres and Menzies is the pack would give us a bit of extra punch with the ball

Our 1st 20 was good but it just feel away from that point, we got Archered and also the handling and timing of trying to throw an offload was attrocious.

To suck some positives out of the match, B. Stewart was sensational, held up Mason twice and was solid all game. Lyon looked bloody dangerous tonight, at the end he was about the only bloke that looked capable of creating something for us. Bell looks much better running straight. Kite as always stood up when needed but not much support. Watmough as per normal.

Thought of the night- Wish we could combine some skills between Monaghan and Orford. Monaghans short passing game is awesome but long game average, Orfords long passing game is very good but short game is attrocious, bullets at the head from 2m away will never work.

Will go to bed and stew on this for a while i think, at least i picked up $110 from Watmough scoring.
Lyon was good... in the three times he touched the ball. He deadset didn't get involved for the first half an hour.
We looked to have run out of ideas in attack. Lyon's fifth tackle options were poor. Structure was disappointing. It seemed our only tactic was to run Choc at Sherwin which worked well for five minutes only.
The fact that their forwards were making twice as much as Manly's didn't help. This is what I mean guys. I hope that Manly can have that type of dominating forwards game !

And that won't bloody happen with Beaver in the centres !!!
The fact that their forwards were making twice as much as Manly's didn't help. This is what I mean guys. I hope that Manly can have that type of dominating forwards game !

You said we were sure things ;) I backed them for that reason :p Last time we had no chance against them, this week they had no chance against us.
Remember Garts, never punt on two legged animals. Anyway we were ordinary and if their kicking game was better they could have put forty on us. Lyon dangerous, What game were you watching Kiwi? Choc and Kite were two who could say they earnt their money last night.
I was watching the Sea Eagles v Manly at Brookvale Oval DSM

He was tackled and offloaded a ball from near the ground to Bell, he passed it onto Hicks who made plenty of metres. He jinked outside his man and put Bell into a hole and he nearly scored. He set his outside men up another couple of times as well
Lyon was ordinary. His kicking game was crap, as was his attacking play. OK, defense was reasonable, but I demand more from a 5/8 of his 'reputed' playing ability. I was there, on the hill, freezing, and seeing crap play from a highly paid professional. I repeat Lyon was ordinary, as others have attested.

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