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A bit of rain and a blackout should shut up the nostalgics so keen on the retention of the Hill. How embarrasing was the evening. A paltry crowd all huddled under umbrellas and the lights that wouldn't stay on.

Amazing how one drop of rain can halve a northern beaches crowd.

Compare the rustic, third world, shemozzle of last night to what we saw at Suncorp on Friday and again today!


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What does the lights not working have anything to do with keeping the hill? Even with a new stand the lights won't be changed.

I have to agree that on a night where a soup kitchen was probably more appealing the club dropped at least 100k because of the conditions. I probably would have been in favour of a covered stand, but even the Jane Try area looked to be only 20% full so I am not sure that would make a difference.


Journey Man
jane try had plenty of room as did kennys

the southern stand had maybe 200 people total in it (most were underneath)
The cost of a GA ticket rising to $25.00 will not help with future games this year, especially if it is going to be the wet winter that it is meant to be. A 25% increase in 2 yrs when inflation is about 5% is a joke considering the overall sh*t standard of Brooky compared to most other grounds.


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You can get $25 tickets to Suncop stadium. The place has 24 food outlets including red rooster and eagle boys pizza. Its got 32 public bars and countless toilet facilites.

I just don't know what you get out of standing on a hill with a massive lineup for drinks for $25. Its rediculous.


What a bunch of piss.
As said earlier, stands weren't full & lights are a separate matter.

I was talking to some Canberra fans after the game who said that Brooky is their favourite ground to watch footy at, because of the side hill.

If people are too weak to turn up due to a bit of rain then maybe it's the fans that need to be redeveloped.


The rain wasn't bad at all. We got there to with 30 minutes to go in PL and the entire time we were there it drizzled a couple of times, but we barely got wet.

I thought a crowd over 13000 was pretty good in the wet and I seriously doubt that more people would have come had we had another stand instead of the hill.

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It poured all arvo, very heavily in most of northern sydney and I think it would have cut at least 5k from the attendance. Given it was Canberra, the Tahs were on and the first night of a new season, I can see why the crowd was low. Must say that Mata has a point in the standard of facilities, as much as I like them. Also $25 is a big hit to the hip pocket, compared to prices over the last three seasons.
It was unbelievable unprofessional and embarrassing. I couldn't believe they continued to play in the dark. Imagine how we would have felt if they had scored the game winning try off a bomb in the dark? We'd be furious.


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At the season launch they announced that 15 800 tickets had been pre purchased for Sat's game. The rain in the afternoon was bad, but for Premier League onwards wasn't that bad. Certainly didn't stop the idiot teeagers starting a fight in the no alchol, family hill and 200 other idiots that ran in....

The official response this morning was that the blackouts were caused from power surges that kept shorting the cut out breakers. (Humerously they said the players needed a rest after Canberra scored the try... and also they would prefer more Sun arvo games, so more families turn up for the game.)

Also the reason the Kenny & Jane Try stands were a bit emptywas because they left the bar open in the Presidents Lounge in the second half, with a lot of the 87 Grand Final Players there, it was a good PR exercise.


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I love Brooky, leave it as it is. If you like your footie sitting in a plastic chair pay for the stand or go elsewhere, but be prepared to pay more for a side on look. Leichhardt and Brooky, old style grounds with attitude.


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And what's the problem playing in the dim light? Playing in a fog, or blinding rain is OK, especially if both sides have to play in it.

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