northen beachs housing ?????

need some input.

i am looking to move to the area with the boss and kids. we are looking to get a 2+ bedroom town house with a garage (not worried about its age)

don't really know what areas are the ones i should be looking at or staying away from....... have booked in with an agent to view a few in COLLAROY and DEE WHY.
Have been told be someone to stay away from DEE WHY ???

I don't ave a million........ looking at 400,000 to mid 500,000 as wife is a stay at home mum. Main thing is i want to be no more the 10-15 min drive to a beach

A big plus is some where i can get home easly from the leagues club with a gut full of coopers after a day at the footy.


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Dee Why is getting umm filled with say un-desirables!
some parts re ok but to be honest the beaches is getting rougher and rougher. Not a great place for kids, my nephew has been mugged twice.

Not sure where would be the cheapest
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Hi Duffman....These are the areas I'd look at getting a townhouse in that price bracket (maybe $100k more?):-

Mona Vale
Beacon Hill (just)
Frenchs Forest

I'd steer clear of

Dee Why
(anything on Warringah Rd.)
(Anything on Pittwater Rd.)

There are some decent properties going up in Warriewood. They'd be around $900k if you can afford that? Small land, but huge houses (like land estates).


Duffman - call Helen at Ray White Narrabeen on 0404 839 100 as I know that she currently has a great 2 bedroom 2 storey townhouse in narrabeen for sale.

Nothing to spend on it and there are only 2 in the block. The other neighbour is great too.

Not 100% sure about the price but I believe around high $500's/low $600's. Tell her that ross asked you to call her. She is really nice to deal with and not full of crap like a lot of estate agents.
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My borther lives in Dee Why and it is a good spot. It does have a higher proportion of renters than some parts but it is basically okay. There are good and bad everywhere. Best to ask about schools in an area and their tone as that gives a good overview as to the area and the sort of people that live there.

Manly Vale and Harbord has some nice spots as does Curl Curl. My sister in law lives near Warringah Mall and it is a good spot. Have a good look around at various times of day before committing to the lease.

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