North Sydney Bears to become Pacific Bears?

Will on the hill

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This is even more ridiculous than having a PNG team based in Cairns. Even though Greg Florimo is a household name in Suva and Nadi...


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How dumb are the Bears to think that a bid, with a home base of Sydney, will even get a look in.

The Wheel
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I always love it when these drongos put up another submission as it just adds to their losing history
Maybe the Bears should get into the toilet paper business instead...ill buy their toilet paper if they include the slogan "does the bear **** in the woods".


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We all have our Low points and Good points
and the Good thing about the Losing bears is that they never Lose hope in trying to convince the NRL of a comeback

The Bears trying every variation to come out of their long hibernation
RIP Humphrey our old rival mate

Peter C

They are so desperate you can smell it. Thank god we got the license after the split or we could be walking in their shoes.
The license always belonged to Manly, the Bears were insolvent ,we just took them on as partners at the insistence of the NRL as Manly burnt a lot of cash during the Super League war

Terry Zarsoff

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Look I don’t know about you guys - but I can certainly see a lot of cultural resonance developing in the SWPac - with a team called the Bears.

Kodiak bear (in his Alaskan lair) says ‘Hi!’




Yeah, Nah.
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3 certainties in life:

1. Death
2. Taxes
3. The Bears making a bid to re-enter the NRL every 12 months until the end of time


The bears seem to have a link everywhere, They have tried to get onboard with proposed teams in WA, Queensland, NZ, Pacific Islands and everywhere else.
Its been almost 25 years, just forget about it most of the small supporter base they had have died or moved on to a different team and these fans won't come back.

Florimo and his mates are just sucking in a few semi wealthy dreamers by getting them to believe they are coming back, all they are interested in is milking them for money creating a decent income for themselves for doing nothing.


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This is just getting embarrassing for anyone associated with the Bears. With zero chance of gaining a license under their own steam, they desperately try and attach themselves like a parasite to any other bid that has a semblance of a chance....WA, second NZ team and now a PNG / Pacific Islands team.

The Who

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I'm not afraid to rail against overwhelming opinion: I think it is a good idea, in principle.
I lived in the North Sydney catchment area for many years, and represented them in rugby and cricket so the Bears were always my second team. Manly was always No. 1 because I lived my early years in the district.
I also have several Bear supporter friends who still give me grief about the split, so their memories are not fading.
The NRL needs to get the Pacifica into the comp in some form, so that's why I support the notion.

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