Nonu signed

I cant believe I'm agreeing with Daniel but miracles are still among us.

Nonu would have killed it, Harris didnt.

Maybe we should sign Shane Heal cause he's good at Basketball and SHane Watson cause he plays cricket. Although built like a 2nd Rower.

some Rugby boys are good enough to make the transition regardless of whose coaching them. I could have coached Mathew Ridge. others just cant cut it.

And sorry Matas, can't agree on Spencer, his form has been on the slide for a few years now. 5 years ago he would have been a success.
The money the Union fellas would be asking for is ridiculous. I agree with Daniel - we don't have the coaching staff to get the best out of the players that come across, and they WOULD need a lot of coaching. Totally different game !!
Garrick Morgan, Brett Papworth, Matt Burke (original version) are some that weren't up to it. On the other hand, Ray Price, The Moose, O'Connor, Stuart. Talent & real desire to succeed are the pre-requisites for a player to convert well.
Garrick Morgan :lol: :lol: he did suck.

I recently saw the 91 world cup semi with NZ, running around was John Timu and Craig Innes in the centres.

Would have been good to see Tim Horan come across to league. He was going to until union went professional.
Was union say in the 80's comparible to the game name?

You see back then they could come to league, gain some fame and money. Now a days its more enticing to go the other way.

You are talking about born natural footballers who were coached by the best compared to some decent players who will be coached by a virtual rookie!
yeah heaps similar, all those line outs and so on.....

get over it tha player ant coming and he wouldnt have been any good. our club is still a club in trouble
going ok isnt what we need. monas goes ok, as did harris!
cant have world beaters in every position nowdays Daniel. however there is a chance he may have killed it!!!

would have been good to see if the price was right but that would be the problem.
you want to gamble ona chance when we could b building our position with known strengths?
I was just saying he might have gone well and if the price was right he would have been worth a shot, although the price was always going to be too high.

was not going to write him off as being not good enough just becuase he is a "rah rah".
no way...this club gambles too often.

Lets role the dice...hoppa play 2 games do not pass half time in the second...goooorrrnnneee

Walker, roll the dice to walker, play 1 season, gooooorrrnee

and so on and so on.....

We cant afford to gamble on a chance and in recent times there have been more failed rugby converts than success
Daniel has a lot of knowledge on both codes for someone that is a soccer player.

and has played neither League or Union at a competitive level.
Never having played the game doesnt mean a thing.

I'm not saying he is right about everything he has said in this thread but that comment is just wrong.
your going to use that line are you Matabele. I had no idea how little of your own dog food you actually eat. Shall I dig up the posts where you mention how wrong it is that certain people and clubs believe that if you havent played the game at any level then your word is useless.

need i go on more and provide other examples????

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