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I was thinking of getting a group together sometime in the season, and hiring Noel Cleal and his bush tucker business. He comes up and tells stories, cooks the food, and has a few beers etc. Imagine all the stories we could hear after a few beers.

Would you blokes be interested?


Journey Man
I wouldn't make a special trip for it but if it happened to be on the same weekend as a home game ...........

I could hit a few roos on the way down so we'd have some fresh meat.

The Wheel
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Yeah I would be interested Rhino, good idea to combine it with a home game


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Regardless of this we should plan a home game for a ST get together. The sooner its arranged the easier it will be for us out of towners to get organised.


I would've been keen but seeing as I only got put down in the "others" section I'm not so sure....
Good idea but as Clon said the sooner something gets organised the better for out of towners sake.
CLON- that means a road trip....we could stop in a Gundagai and catch up with an ex of mine...she lives 5 miles out but is a bit of a dog!

The Wheel
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May I suggest this date as a starting point

Round 9 11-14 May Sea Eagles - Eels Brookvale Oval


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That weekend is probably going to be perfect for me as my sister is moving to the states for work and I think their going away party is on that weekend.

Pete, most of my ex's live in Gundagai.

Fluffy, bit hard to "pop down" from Melb mate.


Journey Man
Just contacted the club, they said they'd give us his details if we want to go ahead.

I'll firm up numbers, a date, and we are all guns a blazing.

I hope we can 20 people each. It may be around $20 each or something, but for mine, the most exciting part will be hearing stories of the 70's and 80's league scene !!!

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