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No panic for Manly

Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by ManlyBacker, Jul 12, 2010.

By ManlyBacker on Jul 12, 2010 at 9:19 PM
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    MICHAEL Chapman has no problem getting through any training regime Sea Eagles boss Des Hasler can throw at him.


    Michael Chapman uses his mum's tragic story as his inspiration towards an NRL debut.

    The talented Sea Eagles winger trains with the NRL squad during the week before flying up every Friday to play for the Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles in the Queensland Cup.


    Having seen his mum badly injured in a car accident and then diagnosed with breast cancer last year, the 25-year-old Sunshine Coast Eagles winger is no stranger to setbacks.
    So when Hasler is instructing the NRL hopeful to keep putting in at Narrabeen, it’s no problem - he just thinks of his mum and keeps going.
    “No matter what they tell me at training, I can get through it easy,” Chapman said this week. “Sometimes all I do is think of her.
    “Six years ago she was hit by a car and left paralysed (in her right arm), then she gets cancer.
    “If she can get through all that she’s been through the last six years, I can get through whatever Dessie says ... I lift for her.”
    Last weekend is a great example of Chapman overcoming a tough week at home to perform on the field for the Eagles in their clash with the Easts Tigers at Brisbane’s Langlands Park.
    “She didn’t have a good week, then on the weekend I was sweet,” he said of his two-try performance in Sunshine Coast’s 38-12 win.
    “As soon as I play footy, I can switch off.”
    But throughout the 80 minutes on the field, Chapman is well and truly switched on, focused only on playing his best football.
    “He’s doing a really good job under the circumstances,” Sea Eagles assistant coach Geoff Toovey said yesterday.
    “He’s making the most of his opportunities and is working hard at training when he’s down here with us while looking after his mum. He’s a big, robust winger that carries the ball strongly.”
    Chapman trains with Manly’s full-time squad throughout the week before playing for the Eagles.
    Chapman and his Sunshine Coast teammates play Souths Logan at Brandon Park, Brisbane, on Saturday afternoon.



Discussion in 'Sea Eagles' started by ManlyBacker, Jul 12, 2010.

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