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DVS Matt

SEA EAGLES NRL TEAM: Brett Stewart, Michael Robertson, Steve Bell, Steve Matai, Chris Hicks, Jamie Lyon, Matt Orford ©, Jason King, Michael Monaghan, Brent Kite, Anthony Watmough, Glenn Stewart, Luke Williamson
Interchange: Travis Burns, Glenn Hall, George Rose, Mark Bryant

The Wheel
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Depending on what comes out of origin there could be some changes.

But yes he is consistent


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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****ing stupid mother ****ing crap

Matai the hot headed ****ing useless centre who does more damage than good gets in the team and pushes Ballin out again

Pathetic and ridiculous lets hope he gets suspended again


First Grader
Ballin being omitted is not good. Matai?, everyone knows my views. His replacement, Neuman, on Monday night ran out of the line and nearly let in a try. What is it with this move, is running out of the line rehearsed or just a brain explosion?


UFO Hunter
If I were Ballin, I would already be on the phone too every club in the NRL looking for a permanent hooking role.

Who would have thought that the Junior Kangaroo's hooker would have to wait until he's 24 to get a permanent starting spot in the NRL, whilst blokes like Israel Falou 6 YEARS YOUNGER are introduced by their clubs to tear it up and make a name before their career is over.

FMD, Ballin ads more than Hall and Rose, why do we keep persisting with the blokes who fail week after week and drop the bloke who blows everyone away with man of the match on Debut????? Des, you are a goose sometimes.


Reserve Grader
Where is Dunley, is he injured or has he been handed off the Belrose in the Jim Beam Cup??

Sea Eagles Premier League Team: Sean Meaney, Sean Dalton, Shane Neumann, Nick Bradley-Qalilawa, Junior Ahio, Jeff Robson (c), Aaron Groom, Sione Finefeuiaki, Matt Ballin, Phil Morwood, Adam Cuthbertson, Jack Afamasaga, Jason Wells
Interchange: Blake Hanlon, Chris Trembath, John O’Sullivan, James Mortimer, Bede Touhy, Adam Shaw, Tim Mortimer

Sea Eagles Jersey Flegg Team: Lincoln Gutherson, Dean Connell, Matt Grieve, Andrew Everingham, John Gray, Kieran Foran, Harry Berryman, Vic Mauro, J P Hawach, Inoke Tapaatoutai, Jon Grieve, Hayden Stevens, Trent Rose
Interchange: Darrell Jang, Mark Offerdahl, Jack Pona, Santana Palmer, Brooke Nickson, Scott Burns, George McDonnell, Matt Hastie, Illija Radan


Journey Man
****ing stupid mother ****ing crap

Matai the hot headed ****ing useless centre who does more damage than good gets in the team and pushes Ballin out again

Pathetic and ridiculous lets hope he gets suspended again

Matai also means Burns is displaced as well. :~?
I'm none too pleased with Des' team.
Maybe players are selected based on price tag rather than who's best for what position?

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
I will probably be the lone ranger here, but pre season that was my exact side, barring Menzies in for Williamson, and i am not too displeased with it. I think at 6 Lyon offers more than Burns, who in turn is the perfect benchman as well.

Is bloody tough on Ballin who has been going well, fortunately or unfortunately, whichever way you like to look at it, this is what happens when the club develops quality depth, not something we are used too.

Good thing is next season Ballin will have the number 1 spot, and can have it for 10 years if he so desires

DSM5, centre is probably the toughest spot on the park to defend in todays game, and that is why you see players from all sides rushing out of the line these days. If a team is clever enough to work a 3 on 2 the centre has to make a split second decision on the best way to stop the situation, and attacking the man with the ball seems to be the prefered method these days

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Funny that Monaghan got so little time last night. Ballin made us look so much better from dummy half and he is a real hooker, not a half playing out of position. You can't knock Monaghan for this and we don't need too hookers in the team. Not easy for Des but I would have Ballin in and Monaghan on the bench.


First Grader
He will be starting next year, probably did his apprenticeship for one year too long but the 9 is all his next season.


Journey Man
When I was 23, 12 months seemed like an awful long time to wait for something.

I hope he doesn't ask for a release!


First Grader
Ballin in PL....Thats Gold Dessie :)

Whats the price on Matai getting placed on report again this week?


Yep, this is the team boys.

This is the team that will bring the trophy home.. replace willo with menzies when he gets back and that's it.

Jamie Lyon is out long term 6... I saw enough in the Canberra game to suggest that he is going to set up alot of tries from 6 and he will kill it there.

Matt Ballin is our long term hooker but won't be full time til next year.

Travis Burns future lies at utility.

Steve Matai will have all those princey storm backs looking over there shoulder this week.

This is the best team we can field!

Manly by 10 this week too.
Team P W L PD Pts
12 9 3 83 22
14 10 4 78 22
13 9 4 110 20
13 8 5 66 20
13 7 6 81 18
12 7 5 -37 18
13 7 6 133 16
13 7 6 47 16
13 7 6 -34 16
13 6 6 27 15
13 6 6 26 15
14 7 7 -26 14
13 6 7 -47 14
13 4 9 -111 10
12 3 9 -123 10
12 3 9 -136 10
12 2 10 -137 8
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