Next Week's Match

Next Week's Match

The Eagles are currently in 2nd place on the ladder. They'll be taking on the Storm next week who are in first place. What do you think the score will be and who'll be MOTM.

Melbourne - 25
Manly - 18

MOTM - Williamson
Next Week's Match

Melbourne 28
Manly - 12

MOTM(manly): Monas
Next Week's Match

Manly 24
Melbourne 16


The win to come through a fierce and determined forward pack
Next Week's Match

Now this is a tough one and I will be happy with a solid performance win or lose. An 80 minute game and concede less than 26 points.

It's a great test and the right time for it.
Next Week's Match

The Storm do not have an imposing pack and might well lose their chief enforcer in Alex Chan. If Chan goes they will have to bring Donnelly onto the bench. !stupid:

The Storm have not played against a feral pack - which is how our lads seem to be playing at the moment. If we can get on top through the middle and smash their boys we will cut out the time and space for Orford and Hill.

If it's even in the forwards they'll shred us out wide.
Next Week's Match

Another factor will be we have the bye after this round, so the boys should throw everything at em.

Man, Bell & King had blinders in thw W/End. Interesting to see if Tezza backs up. A mate told me Steve Matai had a blinder in Prem....may be his chance.
Next Week's Match

Monas has the game for their defence. We will win in a very hard match but the score is unpredictable. One game NOT to miss. Can't wait.
Next Week's Match

Should ge a classic game. Manly- 30 Melbourne- 18

Kite MOTM.
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Next Week's Match

This is the one game in many, many years that could possibly bring back fear into The Manly Jersey. If we beat this "so called" best team so far of 2005, Dailey, Gould & co might change their tune on The Sea Eagles.

We will head into round 5 on top of the table, and we stand to get Hicks & Stewart back.

I think this is the most important game in a long long time.
Next Week's Match

Gould already did change his tune.
Did you see him on the Sunday Footy show?

He said that they looked good and their defense was very reminiscant of the 90's
Next Week's Match

He was the one who predicted Manly to come last. In the book I have he absent mindedly said "Well, someone has to don't they". He REALLY has a sore spot for some reason with Manly.
Next Week's Match

watch Laurie tonight on NRL SCOREBOARD.

Next Week's Match

Agree Ryan, it is still early days but if we win a few people will take notice of us.

I cant get to the game, is it live on Fox?
Next Week's Match

thanks CIG. will have to make the trip to the Gong since I miss this game then we have the bye.

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