next 2 games

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I think we need 2 win the next 2 to 3 rounds bris.knights.chooks to be taken as the real deal and prob 5 or 6 out of 9 to get home final what do you think :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:
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I think we basically have to win all our home games on the way home, that includes the next 21 games. It appears injuries are starting to curtail our team, I think we can cope with injuries to a certain extent when playing at Brookie but when we are away we are dodgy at best. Why this is I don't know, it must be in the mind.
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Sorry typo that is 2, however it would be great if we went for 2 seasons undefeated at home
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I dont know about all this "must win certain games" .
We need to focus on a game plan for each and every game with the intention of winning each & every game. I gaurantee you thats what our coach does each week.
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Manly look to have dropped in intensity @ present, and Orford kind of looks dis interested. I put this down to the big rep let down for the poor bloke. We can all see how our attack out wide suffers without a quality centre there. That's the reason team like The Dragons and co. do ok if one of their big name centres drops, or has to go to 5/8....Good ol' Matt Cooper is waiting in the wings.

I hope this Burns saga doesn't affect our season.

We really need to lift, and BELT a team we play to improve 4 and against as well. That will be very important this year.

The way I see it as well....with Willow injured, we are fielding a stronger team than what we would if he's there. Rose adds more impact, and could play a second row type roll quite well in my opinion.
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I think willo should not be in side .We need someone that will make an impact .And maybe dunners for ballin because he does not seem to have any impact for the good anyway
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[quote author=Fluffy]
if we can win all the games in the finals we can go a long way

If we did that we would win the premiership......... wouldn't we!!!!!!!!!

yeah mate - and then we would play in teh club challenge in england which is a long way to go

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