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News: Sea Eagles winger scores tries after tears

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by ManlyBacker, Jul 8, 2010.

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    <p>THE heartbreaking pain of losing his best mate in a car accident didn’t stop rookie Sea Eagles winger Ben Shorter from playing a starring role in Manly’s Toyota Cup victory over the Broncos at Brookvale Oval on Tuesday night.</p>
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    <p><em>Manly Toyota Cup player Ben Shorter took the field just a day after losing his best mate, and played a starring role in the club's victory over Brisbane on Tuesday evening.</em></p>
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    <p>Shorter’s friend, who cannot be named at the request of his family, passed away early Monday morning after being struck by a car in Coffs Harbour late on Sunday night. The pair had been schoolyard mates since year 8.</p>
    <p>Shorter was close to pulling out of the game and was given compassionate leave from training on Monday.</p>
    <p>But the 20-year-old courageously took the field on Tuesday night, scoring two tries as the young Sea Eagles got home 30-16.</p>
    <p>“It was pretty hard deciding whether or not to play, but I just had to put it behind me when I started playing,” Shorter admitted on Wednesday.</p>
    <p>“My team-mates were all supportive. A couple said a few words but that was it.</p>
    <p>“It’s one of those things - when you’re out there it’s the only time you don’t really think about it that much.</p>
    <p>“It was definitely good to score the tries, it made things go from one of your saddest moments to a happier one.”</p>
    <p>Shorter explained that the memory of his close mate stuck with him as he crossed the stripe in the 28th and 64th minutes.</p>
    <p>“I definitely thought of him when I was walking back (after scoring the tries) before the kick-off,” he said.</p>
    <p>“I just thought about him and his family. I just feel for his family and his little brother. To be honest, the whole thing about him going hasn’t kicked in that much.</p>
    <p>“It probably won’t kick in until I go to uni and he’s not there.”</p>
    <p>Manly Toyota Cup coach Dave Penna praised the courageous performance of his winger.</p>
    <p>“I’m really proud of him - he was incredibly brave,” Penna said.</p>
    <p>“I think it was a tough week for him. It’s hard for young blokes when you lose such a close friend.</p>
    <p>“Ben couldn’t train on Monday night because he had to be with his friend’s family and go to the church.</p>
    <p>“The boys let Ben handle it the best way he can, and that was to get out there and play some footy.”</p>
    <p>Shorter said he and his mate had become closer in recent times as they undertook similar degrees at Sydney University.</p>
    <p>The Valley United junior was also named players’ player on the night for his match-winning effort.</p>
    <p>Shorter’s inspirational effort was the centrepiece of a brave Manly victory, achieved with seven first-choice players sitting on the sideline.</p>
    <p>“To be honest, it was a massive effort from some of our guys,” Penna said.</p>
    <p>“We were up against the wall and I had to ask some big questions of some of our younger players, but they were all outstanding.</p>
    <p>“Brisbane had four or five NRL players in a full-strength squad, which made me even happier with our team.</p>
    <p>“Our fullback, Sione Ala, played a full 80 minutes of A-grade football on Sunday and backed it up with another 80 for us and was fantastic. Nathan Clark and Haami Kerr-Tuaupiki were two others who did particularly well.”</p>

    <a href="http://silvertails.net/news/4928-sea-eagles-winger-scores-tries-after-tears.html">Read the full article</a>
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    Respect mate.

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