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News: QLD Cup: Sea Eagles tighten up

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Jethro, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Jethro

    Jethro This space is for rent Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    <p>IF THERE is any truth to the adage that “defence wins premierships”, the Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles are the team to beat in this year’s Queensland Cup premiership race.</p>

    <a href="http://silvertails.net/news/5112-qld-cup-sea-eagles-tighten-up.html">Read the full article</a>
  2. SeaEagleRock8

    SeaEagleRock8 Sea Eagle Lach Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Brandon Costin can be our next coach. When Des gets appointed to the commission (or takes up the referees boss position).
  3. Dan

    Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    he is a very smart coach and is constantly in the papers as well. Everytime I have seen him at the games he looks like he is very "in the zone" but will give you a nod if you say hi or wish him luck

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