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News: Lote lands in foreign land

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by ManlyBacker, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

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    <p>SEA Eagles coach Des Hasler is predicting Tigers winger Lote Tuqiri will find himself in “foreign” territory when he arrives back in Australia on Wednesday for his NRL return against Manly.</p>

    <a href="http://www.silvertails.net/news/4602-lote-lands-in-foreign-land.html">Read the full article</a>
  2. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

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    Tuqiri’s memory loss

    DUAL international Lote Tuqiri has teased the Sea Eagles on their plans to target him in the NRL season opener by questioning the make-up of Manly’s team.

    Tuqiri arrived back in Sydney on Wednesday morning to hear that Manly coach Des Hasler anticipates the ex-Bronco might struggle to adapt to the pace of the NRL.

    Tigers coach Tim Sheens said if Manly plan to target Tuqiri, it would be a game plan riddled with risk.

    Tuqiri then challenged the Sea Eagles, questioning whom he would face when the two teams clash at the Sydney Football Stadium on Monday night.

    “Who are their wingers?” the 30-year-old former Wallaby asked reporters.

    “They’re obviously a strong outfit and have been over the past few seasons.

    “If they want to bring it, so be it. I welcome the challenge but I don’t know how much of an input I’m going to have.”

    Manly winger Michael Robertson, who has played against the Fijian, was not bothered by Tuqiri’s memory loss.

    “It doesn’t phase me one little bit,” the 26-year-old said.

    “I remember I had a trot against him in my early days in Canberra.”

    Sheens said if Manly try anything on his high-profile recruit, their game could come undone.

    “To me, targeting a winger is not easy - you can ruin a game plan trying to do that,” the veteran coach said.

    “He’s pretty good under the ball.

    “If you’re going to target a winger, you’re going to target him with some kicks.”

    On Tuesday, Hasler said Tuqiri may struggle to readjust to the pace of the game, having been out of the NRL since 2002.

    “He will find it a little bit foreign,” Hasler had said.

    Tuqiri said he’s ready to go after an early release from English rugby union club Leicester.

    “I’m a footy player first and foremost ... sink or swim, we’ll see how I go,” he said.

    “I think I’ll be OK, the proof will be in the pudding, won’t it?”
  3. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

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    Hasler plots torrid welcome for Tuqiri
    CHRIS BARRETT smh.com.au

    AS LOTE TUQIRI steps off a plane at Sydney Airport this morning, he will be greeted by family, media crews and maybe a few diehard Wests Tigers supporters.

    One person who won't be shuffling up to the former Wallaby at the bag carousel with an autograph pad in hand is Des Hasler. Instead, the Manly coach yesterday issued a welcome-home message to Tuqiri with his own flavour: predicting the Tigers' marquee signing will struggle to acclimatise to rugby league again after eight years in the 15-man code.

    ''He will probably find the pace and intensity of the game hard,'' said Hasler, whose Sea Eagles meet the Tigers in the NRL's first round at the Sydney Football Stadium on Monday night. ''Playing on the wing, they're not doing the hit-ups and the runs, but it's still a fairly active game and a lot of work for wingers just getting back, chasing, the whole lot. He will find it a little bit foreign.''

    Welcome home, Lote. Having just completed a well-received, 14-match stint in English rugby's Guinness Premiership with Leicester, Tuqiri arrives today with minimal time to prepare for his first rugby league match since 2002, the year he ended a 99-game association with the Brisbane Broncos.

    After flying back business-class from London, he will return to his Birchgrove home to try to shake off the jet-lag before his first training session with the Tigers. That will take place tomorrow at Concord Oval, where he will be introduced to his new teammates. Wests coach Tim Sheens has shown faith in the former Queensland and Australia league representative by picking him to start on the wing against Manly despite his long exile from the NRL.

    That is not quite matched by Hasler, whose team intends to exploit Tuqiri's lack of match practice. Hasler was joking, however, when he intimated that Tuqiri might not even remember the rules. ''The plan on Lote will be to kick, trap him inside his 20 and he'll kick straight out on the full over the sideline,'' he quipped

    Despite predicting that Tuqiri's transition back to league will be less than seamless, Hasler believes the return of the 30-year-old to the code in which he made his name will ultimately be successful. ''It's not as if he hasn't played football before,'' he said. ''He's an outstanding athlete and he's got a lot of experience, so we will see how he comes up.''

    There were no surprises in the Tigers side named yesterday, with Robert Lui handed the halfback's jumper and Tim Moltzen at fullback.

    Hasler brought an end to the debate over who would be given first crack as successor to Matt Orford at Manly, selecting New Zealand teenager Kieran Foran to partner co-captain Jamie Lyon in the halves.
  4. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

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    Sea Eagles out to hunt down Lote Tuqiri
    Dean Ritchie The Daily Telegraph

    FOUR full days. That's all Wests Tigers recruit Lote Tuqiri has to become mentally and physically ready for his first NRL match since 2002.
    Tuqiri, 30, was last night named on the wing for the Tigers' round-one clash with Manly at the SFS, despite not arriving back in Australia until 7.20 this morning after a 24-hour flight from England with his wife Rebekka and their two sons Samson, 4, and Imosi, 1.

    And the Sea Eagles are ready to take full advantage of his limited build-up as they look to work Tuqiri over and test out his decision-making in defence - whether to stay out or "jam in".

    They will also bombard the former Brisbane Bronco with a varied and educated kicking game.

    While Tuqiri is a champion athlete and wonderful player - the challenge of re-adapting to league will rank among his greatest.

    Asked where Tuqiri would struggle, Manly coach Des Hasler said: "Probably the pace and intensity of the game. Playing on the wing they're not doing the hit-ups and the runs but it's still a fairly active game and a lot of work for wingers just getting back, chasing, the whole lot.

    "He will find it a little bit foreign.

    "Obviously he's a real bonus for them. I think that's why they are starting at $1.83 favourites.

    "It's not as if he hasn't played football before. He's an outstanding athlete. He's got a lot of experience so we will see how he comes up."

    Tigers fans will expect a lot from Tuqiri - the giant winger who has played under pressure his entire career. Manly co-captain Jason King expects his coach to have a game plan designed to rattle the dual international, who played his final game for the Leicester Tigers just last Sunday.

    "Probably getting used to the pace again, being back the 10 metres and a bit more collision," King said. "I'm sure Des will have a few words and a few video clips show of him playing rugby or before he went to rugby ... we'll definitely be doing some homework on him.

    "It's a big ask but being a supreme athlete I don't think he'll have any trouble fitting into their team and the NRL again."

    Wests Tigers assistant coach Royce Simmons has no doubt Manly will target Tuqiri.

    "Coming back into the game after seven years, no doubt they will try him out," Simmons said. "They will try a few things early, send a bit of traffic his way, a few kicks, a few different things.

    "But Lote is a very experienced player. [He was named but] if there are any hiccups, we may decide not to push him to play."

    WESTS TIGERS v MANLY SEA EAGLES at Sydney Football Stadium, 7pm

    TIGERS: Tim Moltzen, Lote Tuqiri, Blake Ayshford, Chris Lawrence, Beau Ryan, Benji Marshall, Robert Lui, Bryce Gibbs, Robbie Farah (capt), Keith Galloway, Liam Fulton, Gareth Ellis, Chris Heighington. Interchange: Jason Cayless, Junior Moors, Mark Flanagan, Daniel Fitzhenry.

    SEA EAGLES: Brett Stewart, Michael Robertson, Tony Williams, Steve Matai, David Williams, Jamie Lyon (c), Kieran Foran, Jason King (capt), Matt Ballin, Josh Perry, Anthony Watmough, Chris Bailey, Glenn Stewart. Interchange: Terence Seu Seu, Brent Kite, George Rose, Shane Rodney. Referees: Jared Maxwell, Gavin Badger
  5. conanu

    conanu Well-Known Member

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    This whole thing stinks of a media hype up. And if Des did make a big deal about Lote i reckon its because its the biggest red herring in history. Target a winger that will make bugger all difference i think Dessie is doing the old diversionary tactic while he plots to bring undone Benji and Farrah.
  6. Jatz Crackers

    Jatz Crackers Moderator Staff Member

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    There was no "team plot" to undue the magic benji/farrah partnership last year. Simple error rate & defence positions cruelled the West Tigers.

    The only reason why I bet Eagles in round 1 this year is that we are building a long term, long term team. Forget last year.

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